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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see a Hub guard.}
{101}{}{Can I help you?}
{102}{}{Yes. Could you tell me where I am?}
{104}{}{Uhhhhhhh. Huh huh. Uhhhhh. Huh.}
{105}{}{Man, you're dumber than a bag of hammers, aren't you? Get outta' here}
{106}{}{You're in the south end of the Hub. If you look around you'll find the Water Merchants and a small hospital.}
{107}{}{Who are the Water Merchants?}
{108}{}{A hospital?}
{109}{}{Thank you. Bye.}
{110}{}{Those bastards. They think they own the damn Hub just because they have control of the Water Tower.}
{111}{}{A hospital?}
{112}{}{Thank you. Bye.}
{113}{}{The Children of the Cathedral run a small hospital here in the Hub. They seem like a decent bunch.}
{114}{}{Who are the Water Merchants?}
{115}{}{Thank you. Bye.}