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HalluciGen, Incorporated
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Company data
IndustryBiochemical research
HalluciGen Gas
Key peopleEric Rice, CEO
Samantha Hatchett, VP of Marketing[1]
Damien Hansen
Dr. Everill
CountryUnited States of America
HeadquartersHalluciGen, Inc.

HalluciGen, Incorporated (also known as HalluciGen, Inc. or simply HalluciGen) was a pre-War company which performed biochemical research and testing.

Background[edit | edit source]

Founded in 2074, HalluciGen aspired to be the world leader in cutting-edge nonlethal technology for police and military use.[2] However, despite hiring Mesmetron's lead designer from Implied Hypnotics,[3] the company's success rate was low, with most of their products failing in testing. As such, the company was in dire financial straits by the third quarter of 2077, with a revenue of $1.1 billion dollars and a net operating loss of $1.8 billion dollars.[4] The former Mesmetron researcher failed to meet expectations and after a string of catastrophic tests, he was sacked on October 18, 2077.[3]

Like many other companies in America, HalluciGen used humans in their testing procedures, with frequent fatalities. In fact, the operating procedures stipulated sedating test subjects with spiked refreshments, with deliberately elaborate paperwork used to ensure absorption.[5] To make things even more atrocious, in case of chemical spills, executives were given priority, escorted by clerical staff, while the decision to evacuate test subjects was left entirely up to the science staff, who could decide to simply leave the subjects behind, sealed in the test chambers.[6]

It should come as no surprise that HalluciGen was contracted by Vault-Tec to devise a psychoactive compound that could be used to manipulate the mood of the Vault dwellers.[7]

Frederick Rivers would also contact HalluciGen for use of their compounds in use of constructing gadgets, specifically the Phantom Device that would release HalluciGen gas upon activation and frenzy anyone enveloped in the cloud.[8]

Known products[edit | edit source]

HalluciGen Gas
A riot control tool delivered by a Type-II fragmentation grenade.[9] Testing on October 18, 2077, revealed that the gas achieved the opposite result, causing traumatic adrenal gland rupture in exposed subjects, resulting in hallucinations, erratic behavior, extreme aggression, and heart failure. No test subject survived exposure, making the gas a potent chemical weapon, but an ineffective riot control measure.[10]
Another riot control measure tested on October 18, 2077, the Dispersant test did not kill the subject. Instead, it triggered a panic and flight response when the subject saw his own child in the waiting room, leading to a police pursuit that apprehended him two days later. The subject had to be institutionalized. The failure of this test led to the Mesmetron researcher being fired.[10]
An invisibility device demonstrated to the United States Navy, Invisiwave was actually five mirrors, two hacked Stealth Boys, and a trap door. The test was a complete success, leading to inquiries from the Navy about shipboard installations and demand for 200 units from the Sales department.[11]
Intended to be a portable field decontaminator, the Irradicator turned out to be a two ton machine that managed to remove all biological and chemical contaminants... By applying 5100 roads to the test subjects, resulting in near instant body collapse. Reclassified as a lethal weapon, the Irradicator was potent enough to necessitate stripping the chamber and rebuilding it each time a test was performed.[12]
A pacification gas that managed to incapacitate the subject - permanently. The paralysis necessitated transfer to an external medical facility at Medford Memorial for monitoring and palliative treatment.[3]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

HalluciGen, Incorporated appears in Fallout 4 and its add-on Vault-Tec Workshop, and is mentioned in Fallout 76.


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