Handy Eats

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Handy Eats
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Map MarkerNone (nearest: General Atomics Galleria)
Part ofGeneral Atomics galleria
FactionsGeneral Atomics International (formerly)
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TerminalsHandy Eats Terminal

Handy Eats is an eatery in the General Atomics galleria in the Commonwealth.


After shopping all day, visitors to the galleria would need somewhere to eat. Waitron and Cook Handy run this diner. Handy Eats was to be run on three basic principles: serving the customer is their main priority; food is either fresh, fast, and flavorful, or it was free; and robotic precision yields dining perfection![1]

On February 18, 2077, Isaac implemented the list of "principles" from General Atomics marketing team as high-priority command routines in the personality archetypes of the Handy Eats robots, despite laws like those always being subject to miscalculations and prioritization failures in real-world settings. Although he and a fellow programmer Cory would push back against corporate against these laws, they were not removed from service.[2]

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The small diner is lined with booths... and skeletons; a host's desk is in the front and the kitchen is in the opposite corner.

Behind the scenes

The employee Isaac and the three high-priority command routines he was forced to program into the Handy Eats robots' personality archetypes are a cultural reference to Isaac Asimov's I. Robot and its Three Laws of Robotics.


Handy Eats appears only in Fallout 4.