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Harden Simms' dialogue

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Harden Simms' dialogue
Game Information
NPCHarden Simms
Data FileFallout3.esm

Dialogue file table

Dialogue file table
Topic MegTownRumors What's the word around town? I couldn't tell you, really. I'd talk to Manya if you care that much. She's lived in Megaton longer than anyone. DialogueMe_MegTownRumors_0005738F_1
Topic MegTownRumors What's the word around town? It used to be that you could ask Manya just about anything. Now that she's gone, I don't know what to tell you... DialogueMe_MegTownRumors_00057390_1
Topic MegTownFatherChoice I'm looking for my father. Middle-aged guy. Maybe you've seen him? Could be the guy I saw at Moriarty's Saloon not too long ago. I'd ask there. MQ01_MegTownFatherChoice_0001513E_1
Combat AcceptYield AcceptYield I'll forgive you. This time. GenericKids_AcceptYield_00052048_1
Detection AlertIdle AlertIdle Hello? Who's there? Generic_AlertIdle_0002FBEE_1
Detection AlertToCombat AlertToCombat Aha! There you are! Generic_AlertToCombat_0002FBF2_1
Detection AlertToNormal AlertToNormal I guess it was nothing. Generic_AlertToNormal_0002FBD2_1
Combat Assault Assault Leave me alone! GenericKids_Assault_0005203A_1
Combat Assault Assault Stop it! Help! GenericKids_Assault_0005203B_1
Combat Assault Assault Help! He's attacking me! GenericKids_Assault_0005203E_1
Combat Assault Assault Help! She's attacking me! GenericKids_Assault_0005203F_1
Combat AvoidThreat AvoidThreat Careful! GenericKids_AvoidThreat_00052061_1
Combat AvoidThreatResponse AvoidThreatResponse Get back! GenericKid_AvoidThreatResp_00052027_1
Service BarterExit BarterExit Let me know if you need anything else. GenericKids_BarterExit_0004C188_1
Detection CombatToLost CombatToLost Where'd you go? Generic_CombatToLost_0002FBE9_1
Detection CombatToNormal CombatToNormal Phew. I'm glad that's over. Generic_CombatToNormal_0002FBFE_1
Combat Death Death Gaaah! Generic_Death_000208D3_1 death scream
Combat Death Death Urgh! Generic_Death_0001FB58_1 death scream
Combat Death Death Urgh! Generic_Death_000208D4_1 death scream
Combat Death Death Aaaah! Generic_Death_0001FB59_1 death scream
Combat Death Death Aaaah! Generic_Death_000208D5_1 death scream
Combat Death Death Nooo! Generic_Death_0001FB5A_1 death scream
Combat Death Death Nooo! Generic_Death_000208D6_1 death scream
Combat Death Death Agggghhh! Generic_Death_00020712_1 death scream
Combat Death Death Ooohhhh! Generic_Death_00020713_1 death scream
Combat DeathResponse DeathResponse Oh my God! GenericKids_DeathResponse_00052015_1
Combat DeathResponse DeathResponse No! GenericKids_DeathResponse_00052016_1 scream/yell of despair
Combat DeathResponse DeathResponse Oh no! GenericKids_DeathResponse_00052017_1
Combat DeathResponse DeathResponse This can't be happening! GenericKids_DeathResponse_00052018_1
Combat DeathResponse DeathResponse Please no! GenericKids_DeathResponse_00052019_1
Combat DeathResponse DeathResponse Somebody help! GenericKids_DeathResponse_0005201A_1
Combat Flee Flee Help! Help! GenericKids_Flee_00052057_1
Combat Flee Flee Leave me alone! GenericKids_Flee_00052058_1
Combat Flee Flee I'm getting out of here! GenericKids_Flee_00052059_1
Combat Flee Flee Aaaah! GenericKids_Flee_0005205A_1 scream of panic
Combat Flee Flee I give up! GenericKids_Flee_0005205C_1
Combat Flee Flee Run for it! GenericKids_Flee_0005205D_1
Conversation HelloResponseHowAreYou HelloResponseHowAreYou Okay, I guess. GenericKid_HelloResponseHo_0004E5D7_1
Conversation HelloResponseHowAreYou HelloResponseHowAreYou Kind of bored, actually. GenericKid_HelloResponseHo_0004E5D8_1
Conversation HelloResponseHowAreYou HelloResponseHowAreYou I don't know. Fine, I guess. GenericKid_HelloResponseHo_0004E5D9_1
Conversation HelloResponseHowAreYou HelloResponseHowAreYou I feel kind of sick. Maybe I shouldn't have eaten that lizard. GenericKid_HelloResponseHo_0004E5DA_1
Conversation HelloResponseWhatsUp HelloResponse I don't know. What about you? GenericKid_HelloResponseWh_0004E5EF_1
Conversation HelloResponseWhatsUp HelloResponse Just hanging around. What's up with you? GenericKid_HelloResponseWh_0004E5F0_1
Conversation HelloResponseWhatsUp HelloResponse Hanging around this boring place, as usual. GenericKid_HelloResponseWh_0004E5F1_1
Conversation HelloResponseWhatsUp HelloResponse Nothing. I'm bored. GenericKid_HelloResponseWh_0004E5F2_1
Conversation HelloResponseWhatsUp HelloResponse I don't know. GenericKid_HelloResponseWh_0004E5F3_1
Conversation HelloResponseWhatsUp HelloResponse Um. I can't remember. GenericKid_HelloResponseWh_0004E5F4_1
Conversation MegatonHelloResponse MegatonHelloResponse Hello, Confessor. ConvMegato_MegatonHelloRes_00027443_1
Conversation MegatonHelloResponse MegatonHelloResponse Hello, Mother Maya. ConvMegato_MegatonHelloRes_00027A64_1
Conversation MegatonHelloResponse MegatonHelloResponse Good evening. ConvMegato_MegatonHelloRes_00027A67_1
Conversation MegatonHelloResponse MegatonHelloResponse Evening. ConvMegato_MegatonHelloRes_0002744B_1
Conversation MegatonHelloResponse MegatonHelloResponse Good morning. ConvMegato_MegatonHelloRes_0002744C_1
Conversation MegatonHelloResponse MegatonHelloResponse Morning. ConvMegato_MegatonHelloRes_0002744D_1
Conversation MegatonHelloResponse MegatonHelloResponse Yeah, yeah. ConvMegato_MegatonHelloRes_0002744E_1
Conversation MegatonHelloResponse MegatonHelloResponse Not so close. Keep walkin'. ConvMegato_MegatonHelloRes_000C867A_1
Conversation MegatonHelloResponse MegatonHelloResponse Good to see you. ConvMegato_MegatonHelloRes_0002745C_1
Conversation MegatonHelloResponse MegatonHelloResponse Hi. ConvMegato_MegatonHelloRes_0002745D_1
Conversation MegatonHelloResponse MegatonHelloResponse Hey there. ConvMegato_MegatonHelloRes_0002746F_1
Conversation MegatonHelloResponse MegatonHelloResponse Hello. ConvMegato_MegatonHelloRes_0002748B_1
Conversation MegatonHelloResponse MegatonHelloResponse Oh! Hi! ConvMegato_MegatonHelloRes_00017662_1
Conversation MegatonHelloResponse MegatonHelloResponse What's up? ConvMegato_MegatonHelloRes_00027497_1
Conversation MegatonHowAreYouResponse MegatonHowAreYouResponse Not bad... not bad... ConvMegato_MegatonHowAreYo_0002736E_1
Conversation MegatonHowAreYouResponse MegatonHowAreYouResponse Been better. ConvMegato_MegatonHowAreYo_00027B0D_1
Conversation MegatonHowAreYouResponse MegatonHowAreYouResponse Can't complain. ConvMegato_MegatonHowAreYo_00027B19_1
Conversation MegatonSettlerTalk2 MegatonSettlerTalk2 Sorry, not now. ConvMegato_MegatonSettlerT_000B0E76_1
Conversation MegatonSettlerTalk2 MegatonSettlerTalk2 Can't talk now. ConvMegato_MegatonSettlerT_000274F2_1
Conversation MegatonSettlerTalk2 MegatonSettlerTalk2 We'll catch up later. ConvMegato_MegatonSettlerT_000B0E77_1
Conversation MegatonTalk1 MegatonTalk Yeah, dad? ConvMegaton_MegatonTalk1_000042AC_1
Conversation MegatonTalk1 MegatonTalk Whatcha need, dad? ConvMegaton_MegatonTalk1_000C84D7_1
Conversation MegatonTalk2 MegatonTalk2 You said we could take that trip. Up north, you know? To see one of the old towns? Come on, dad, you promised.... ConvMegaton_MegatonTalk2_00017692_1
Conversation MegatonTalk2 MegatonTalk2 We still haven't built that model, you know. The Corvega? You told me we could do it this weekend.... ConvMegaton_MegatonTalk2_00017693_1
Conversation MegatonTalk3 MegatonTalk3 I just... You know. Wanted to help out. ConvMegaton_MegatonTalk3_0001763C_1
Conversation MegatonTalk3 MegatonTalk3 I like helping you out, dad. I'm not a kid anymore, you know. Okay, I am a kid. But I can do anything you need me to do. I can handle it. ConvMegaton_MegatonTalk3_0001763D_1
Conversation MegatonTalk4 MegatonTalk4 Okay, dad. But I'm going to hold you to it, this time. ConvMegaton_MegatonTalk4_00017671_1
Conversation MegatonTalk4 MegatonTalk4 You're kidding, right? You mean it this time? For real? Great! Great, dad, I can't wait! Thanks! ConvMegaton_MegatonTalk4_00017672_1
Conversation MegatonWhatsUpResponse MegatonWhatsUpResponse Can't say that there's much going on. ConvMegato_MegatonWhatsUpR_000273EF_1
Conversation MegatonWhatsUpResponse MegatonWhatsUpResponse Nada. ConvMegato_MegatonWhatsUpR_000273F0_1
Conversation MegatonWhatsUpResponse MegatonWhatsUpResponse Not much. ConvMegato_MegatonWhatsUpR_000B0E78_1
Conversation MegatonWhatsUpResponse MegatonWhatsUpResponse Nothing. We'll talk later. ConvMegato_MegatonWhatsUpR_000B0E79_1
Topic MegKidsAboutCaretaker Who takes care of you? My dad, of course. He teaches me to shoot, and about the law, and keeping people safe. When he's not busy protecting the town, that is. DialogueMe_MegKidsAboutCar_0002AEB9_1
Topic MegKidsAboutCaretaker Who takes care of you? Well... with my dad gone, I don't really know... dad always said that I'd have to learn to watch out for myself one day... DialogueMe_MegKidsAboutCar_0002AEBA_1
Topic MegKidsAboutMegaton What do you think of Megaton? I dunno... I used to like it, but ever since dad... I dunno... DialogueMe_MegKidsAboutMeg_0002736F_1 He misses his dead father.
Topic MegKidsAboutMegaton What do you think of Megaton? It's great! My dad says that one day, I'm gonna get to be sheriff, just like him! DialogueMe_MegKidsAboutMeg_0002AEBF_1
Topic MegKidsAboutPeople Who else is around town? There's the Stahls. They run the Brass Lantern. I go there to eat with my dad sometimes. Doc Church runs the clinic. DialogueMe_MegKidsAboutPeo_0002AEBE_1
Topic MegKidsAboutPeople Who else is around town? The Confessor is a little weird. But him and mother Maya are always nice to me. DialogueMe_MegKidsAboutPeo_0002AEBE_2
Topic MegKidsAboutPeople Who else is around town? There's also Moriarty, but dad says that I'm not allowed to talk to him. DialogueMe_MegKidsAboutPeo_0002AEBE_3
Topic RCTopicPaulieAddict Did you know that Paulie Cantelli is an addict? He's totally strung out. It's going to kill him one of these days. DialogueRi_RCTopicPaulieAd_00095A92_1
Conversation GOODBYE I have to go now. Sorry! DialogueMegaton_GOODBYE_0001D49B_1
Conversation GOODBYE I have to go now. Goodbye. DialogueMegaton_GOODBYE_0001E7F5_1
Conversation GOODBYE I have to go now. He he. You know, dad, for a sheriff, you're kind of a goofball. ConvMegaton_GOODBYE_0001F4B2_1
Conversation GOODBYE I have to go now. Heh, yeah, well... If that's what you need to tell yourself, go for it. He he he he. ConvMegaton_GOODBYE_0001761E_1 happy, joking around with his dad
Conversation GOODBYE I have to go now. I'll talk to you later. See you around, mister. GenericKids_GOODBYE_0004E5E5_1
Conversation GOODBYE I have to go now. I'll talk to you later. Okay, miss. See you around. GenericKids_GOODBYE_0004E5E6_1
Conversation GOODBYE I have to go now. I need to get going. Okay, bye. GenericKids_GOODBYE_0004E5E7_1
Conversation GOODBYE I have to go now. Time for me to go. Yeah, me too. GenericKids_GOODBYE_0004E5E8_1
Conversation GOODBYE I have to go now. See you later, alligator. GenericKids_GOODBYE_0004E5EA_1
Conversation GOODBYE I have to go now. So long. GenericKids_GOODBYE_0004E5EC_1
Conversation GOODBYE I have to go now. Bye. GenericKids_GOODBYE_0004E5ED_1
Conversation GOODBYE I have to go now. See you. GenericKids_GOODBYE_0004E5EE_1
Conversation GOODBYE I have to go now. See you later. Bye. Generic_GOODBYE_00049E16_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You did it! You disarmed that thing! MS11_GREETING_000911A0_1 excited
Topic GREETING GREETING My dad... he... He would have been real happy about that. Thank you. MS11_GREETING_000911A0_4
Topic GREETING GREETING He wanted you to have these... a key and the deed to an empty place up behind the Brass Lantern. You can move in there if you want. MS11_GREETING_000911A0_2
Topic GREETING GREETING Oh, and talk to Moira at Craterside Supply. She can help you decorate the place. MS11_GREETING_000911A0_3
Topic GREETING GREETING My dad told me about how you're going to disarm the bomb. He gave me some stuff for you for when you get it done... MS11_GREETING_000911A1_1 talking about his dad who died recently
Topic GREETING GREETING Please don't hurt me. GenericCri_GREETING_0004C0C1_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You're the bad man that hurts people, aren't you? GenericCri_GREETING_0004C0C2_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You're the bad lady that hurts people, aren't you? GenericCri_GREETING_0004C0C3_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I remember you. You're mean. GenericCri_GREETING_0004C0C4_1
Topic GREETING GREETING What do you want, meanie? GenericCri_GREETING_0004C0C5_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You shouldn't take things that don't belong to you. GenericCri_GREETING_0004C0C6_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You're bad. I don't think I should talk to you. GenericCri_GREETING_0004C0C7_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Do you like being bad? Or is it just you can't help it? GenericCri_GREETING_0004C0C8_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I bet you're so bad because your mom didn't love you. GenericCri_GREETING_0004C0C9_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I've heard of you. You're one of the good guys! GenericCri_GREETING_0004C0CA_1
Topic GREETING GREETING It makes me feel safer knowing you're around. GenericCri_GREETING_0004C0CB_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You're my hero, mister. I want to be just like you when I grow up. GenericCri_GREETING_0004C0CC_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Dad used to say... oh, never mind... DialogueMegaton_GREETING_0001D765_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Dad usually doesn't like when I talk to strangers. DialogueMegaton_GREETING_000C1356_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Be careful, mister. My dad is right over there. Try anything, and I'll yell for him. DialogueMegaton_GREETING_0001E095_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Be careful, lady. My dad is right over there. Try anything, and I'll yell for him. DialogueMegaton_GREETING_0001E096_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Yeah? What do you want? GenericKids_GREETING_0004C198_1
Topic GREETING GREETING What's up? GenericKids_GREETING_0004C19A_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Hi there, mister. You need something? GenericKids_GREETING_0004C19E_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Hi there, miss. Can I help you with something? GenericKids_GREETING_0004C19F_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Hello again. Did you need something else? GenericKids_GREETING_0004C1A1_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I'm not supposed to talk to strangers. GenericKids_GREETING_0004C1A3_1 sullenly
Topic GREETING GREETING I doubt I can help you. I'm just a kid, you know. GenericKids_GREETING_0004C1A5_1 sullenly
Topic GREETING GREETING Yeah? Generic_GREETING_000038C2_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Hey there. Generic_GREETING_0004C18B_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO You might wear his badge, but you're not my dad. DialogueMegaton_HELLO_0001D3AA_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Dad says not to talk to strangers. DialogueMegaton_HELLO_00040836_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO I'm not supposed to talk to strangers. DialogueMegaton_HELLO_0001D3B0_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hey there, Andy. ConvMegaton_HELLO_00004143_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Billy... ConvMegaton_HELLO_00027A7C_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hey there, Billy... ConvMegaton_HELLO_0001EC96_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Colin. ConvMegaton_HELLO_0001EC9A_1 Tense.
Conversation HELLO HELLO Good morning, Mr. Moriarty... ConvMegaton_HELLO_0001EC98_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Mr. Moriarty... ConvMegaton_HELLO_0001EC99_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Confessor. ConvMegaton_HELLO_0001EC9B_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hi, Jenny. ConvMegaton_HELLO_00004234_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hey, Jenny. ConvMegaton_HELLO_000C8688_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Jenny... ConvMegaton_HELLO_000C8689_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO What's up, Jericho? ConvMegaton_HELLO_0000429B_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hey, Jericho. ConvMegaton_HELLO_000C868A_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Jericho... ConvMegaton_HELLO_000C868B_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Gob... ConvMegaton_HELLO_0000426C_1 Tense and angry.
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hey there, Harden. ConvMegaton_HELLO_0001EC9C_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Leo... ConvMegaton_HELLO_00004298_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Miss West... ConvMegaton_HELLO_00004294_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Dad! Dad, I want to talk to you! ConvMegaton_HELLO_00004233_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO C'mon, Maggie! Let's go over here! ConvMegaton_HELLO_00027A85_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO I see you! ConvMegaton_HELLO_00027A97_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO It's my turn! ConvMegaton_HELLO_00027A98_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hello there, Manya. ConvMegaton_HELLO_0000426B_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hello, Manya. ConvMegaton_HELLO_000C84D3_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hello, Miss Brown. ConvMegaton_HELLO_0000429C_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hi, Moira. ConvMegaton_HELLO_000C868D_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hey there, Moira. ConvMegaton_HELLO_000C868E_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hello, Mother Maya. ConvMegaton_HELLO_0000429A_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Nathan. ConvMegaton_HELLO_0000428C_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hello, Nova. ConvMegaton_HELLO_0002789E_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Nova... ConvMegaton_HELLO_000C84D4_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO How are you doing, Walter? ConvMegaton_HELLO_00004297_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hello, Walter. ConvMegaton_HELLO_000C84D5_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO How are you? ConvMegaton_HELLO_0001766A_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hey there. ConvMegaton_HELLO_0001766B_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hi. ConvMegaton_HELLO_0001766C_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO What's your problem? GenericKids_HELLO_0004E601_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO You're funny looking. GenericKids_HELLO_0004E602_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hi. How are you today? GenericKids_HELLO_0004E607_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Are you okay? GenericKids_HELLO_0004E608_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO What are you doing? GenericKids_HELLO_0004E609_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hey. Anything going on? GenericKids_HELLO_0004E60A_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Howdy mister. GenericKids_HELLO_0004E60B_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hi there, miss. GenericKids_HELLO_0004E60C_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hello. GenericKids_HELLO_0004E60D_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hi. GenericKids_HELLO_0004E60E_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hi there. GenericKids_HELLO_0004E60F_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO What? GenericKids_HELLO_0004E610_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hi. GenericKids_HELLO_0004E611_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hey. GenericKids_HELLO_0004E612_1
Conversation HELLO HELLO Hello. Generic_HELLO_00020435_1
Combat Hit Hit Don't do that again. Last warning. GenericFriendlyFire_Hit_000345B5_1 friendly fire
Combat Hit Hit What are you doing? GenericFriendlyFire_Hit_000345B6_1 friendly fire
Combat Hit Hit Watch it! GenericFriendlyFire_Hit_000345B7_1 friendly fire
Combat Hit Hit Cut that out! GenericFriendlyFire_Hit_000345B8_1 friendly fire
Combat Hit Hit I'm on your side! GenericFriendlyFire_Hit_000345B9_1 friendly fire
Combat Hit Hit What do you think you're doing? GenericFriendlyFire_Hit_000345BA_1 friendly fire
Combat Hit Hit Careful with that! GenericFriendlyFire_Hit_000345BB_1 friendly fire
Combat Hit Hit Dad! DialogueMegaton_Hit_000206F3_1
Combat Hit Hit Ow! GenericKids_Hit_0005201B_1
Combat Hit Hit Help! GenericKids_Hit_0005201C_1
Combat Hit Hit Ugh! Generic_Hit_00015122_1 getting hit/wounded in combat
Combat Hit Hit Ugh! Generic_Hit_000208D8_1 getting hit/wounded in combat
Combat Hit Hit Oof! Generic_Hit_00015123_1 getting hit/wounded in combat
Combat Hit Hit Oof! Generic_Hit_000208DA_1 getting hit/wounded in combat
Combat Hit Hit Argh! Generic_Hit_00015124_1
Combat Hit Hit Argh! Generic_Hit_000208DC_1
Combat Hit Hit Ahh! Generic_Hit_00015125_1 getting hit/wounded in combat
Combat Hit Hit Ahh! Generic_Hit_000208DE_1 getting hit/wounded in combat
Combat Hit Hit Ugh! Generic_Hit_00015126_1
Combat Hit Hit Ugh! Generic_Hit_000208E0_1
Combat Hit Hit Ugh! Generic_Hit_000208E1_1
Combat Hit Hit Hmph! Generic_Hit_00015127_1
Combat Hit Hit Hmph! Generic_Hit_000208E2_1
Combat Hit Hit Hmph! Generic_Hit_000208E3_1
Conversation IdleChatter Idle Chatter Generic_IdleChatter_000459CA_1 Muttering to yourself while dreaming
Conversation IdleChatter Idle Chatter Generic_IdleChatter_000459CB_1 <snores> Needs to lead into and out of snoring, since this will be called intermittently. And/or make it really long, repeated snoring.
Conversation IdleChatter Idle Chatter Generic_IdleChatter_00049036_1 <snores> Needs to lead into and out of snoring, since this will be called intermittently. And/or make it really long, repeated snoring.
Topic InfoRefusal Do I look like I care? DialogueMe_InfoRefusal_000187DF_1
Detection LostIdle LostIdle Come out, come out, wherever you are! Generic_LostIdle_0002FC20_1
Detection LostToCombat LostToCombat There you are! Generic_LostToCombat_0002FC18_1
Detection LostToNormal LostToNormal Nobody here anymore. Generic_LostToNormal_00052051_1
Combat Murder Murder You killed him! GenericKids_Murder_00050FF8_1
Combat Murder Murder You killed her! GenericKids_Murder_00050FF9_1
Combat Murder Murder Oh no! GenericKids_Murder_00050FFB_1
Combat Murder Murder Aaaah! GenericKids_Murder_00050FFD_1 scream in terror
Detection NormalToAlert NormalToAlert What was that? Generic_NormalToAlert_0002FC23_1
Detection NormalToCombat StartCombat I'm gonna get my dad! DialogueMe_NormalToCombat_00020736_1
Detection NormalToCombat StartCombat Over here! Generic_NormalToCombat_000208E5_1
Miscellaneous ObserveCombat ObserveCombat Look out! GenericKids_ObserveCombat_0004C25C_1
Miscellaneous ObserveCombat ObserveCombat Let's get out of here! GenericKids_ObserveCombat_0004C25D_1
Miscellaneous ObserveCombat ObserveCombat Fight! GenericKids_ObserveCombat_0004C25E_1
Combat Pickpocket Pickpocket That's stealing! GenericKids_Pickpocket_00050FE6_1
Combat Pickpocket Pickpocket You're in trouble now! GenericKids_Pickpocket_00050FE7_1
Combat Pickpocket Pickpocket Help, he's robbing me! GenericKids_Pickpocket_00050FEA_1
Combat Pickpocket Pickpocket Help, she's robbing me! GenericKids_Pickpocket_00050FEB_1
Topic PLAYERFIREWEAPON PLAYER FIRE WEAPON Whoa! Are you like... some kind of crazy person? GenericKid_PLAYERFIREWEAPO_0004C1A9_1
Topic PLAYERINIRONSITES PLAYER IN IRON SITES You're not going to shoot me, are you? GenericKid_PLAYERINIRONSIT_0004C170_1
Topic PLAYERINIRONSITES PLAYER IN IRON SITES Is that loaded? Let me try it! GenericKid_PLAYERINIRONSIT_0004C171_1
Topic PLAYERINIRONSITES PLAYER IN IRON SITES Hey, I can almost see right down the barrel! GenericKid_PLAYERINIRONSIT_0004C172_1
Topic PLAYERLOCKEDOBJECT PLAYER LOCKED OBJECT I don't think that belongs to you. GenericKid_PLAYERLOCKEDOBJ_0004D552_1
Topic PLAYERLOCKEDOBJECT PLAYER LOCKED OBJECT I don't think you should mess with that. GenericKid_PLAYERLOCKEDOBJ_0004D554_1
Topic PLAYERPICKPOCKET PLAYER PICKPOCKET I can see what you're doing, you know. GenericKid_PLAYERPICKPOCKE_0004D568_1
Topic PLAYERPICKPOCKET PLAYER PICKPOCKET I don't think I have anything you'd want. GenericKid_PLAYERPICKPOCKE_0004D569_1
Topic PLAYERSWINGMELEEWEAPON PLAYER SWING MELEE WEAPON I used to have one just like that. GenericKid_PLAYERSWINGMELE_0004C16C_1 cockily
Topic PLAYERZKEYOBJECT PLAYER Z KEY OBJECT What are you going to do with that? GenericKid_PLAYERZKEYOBJEC_0004C15A_1
Combat PowerAttack PowerAttack Huurrraghh! Generic_PowerAttack_00022AAF_1
Combat PowerAttack PowerAttack Rrrraaahhh! Generic_PowerAttack_00022AB1_1
Combat PowerAttack PowerAttack Yaargh! Generic_PowerAttack_00051FFA_1
Combat PowerAttack PowerAttack Grrrraah! Generic_PowerAttack_00051FFB_1
Topic SpeechChallengeFailure SpeechChallengeFailure Nice try, but ... nah. I don't think so. GenericKid_SpeechChallenge_00069B87_1
Combat Steal Steal That isn't yours! GenericKids_Steal_00050FEC_1
Combat Steal Steal You better put that back! GenericKids_Steal_00050FED_1
Combat Steal Steal Hey, that's not yours! GenericKids_Steal_00050FEE_1
Combat Steal Steal I saw you take that! GenericKids_Steal_00050FEF_1
Combat Steal Steal You're going to be in trouble if you don't put that back! GenericKids_Steal_00050FF0_1
Combat Steal Steal That's stealing! GenericKids_Steal_00050FF1_1
Miscellaneous TimeToGo TimeToGo You need to leave now, mister. GenericKids_TimeToGo_0004C278_1
Miscellaneous TimeToGo TimeToGo You need to leave now, miss. GenericKids_TimeToGo_0004C279_1
Miscellaneous TimeToGo TimeToGo Uh, can you leave now, please? I've got to do something. GenericKids_TimeToGo_0004C27A_1
Miscellaneous TimeToGo TimeToGo Time for you to go. GenericKids_TimeToGo_0004C27B_1
Topic MegTownEnd That's all I needed to know. Right. DialogueMegaton_MegTownEnd_0001DD35_1