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Harold Clark - To the Members of the Board

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Harold Clark - To the Members of the Board
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Harold Clark - To the Members of the Board is a holotape in Fallout 76, found at Vault 51.



Part 1


I'm leaving this audio log for my incompetent brothers and the esteemed members of the board at Clark, Clark, Clark & Associates. This is Harold K. Clark, Jr. and I am currently locked in Vault-Tec's Vault 51 in the Appalachia region of West Virginia.

Since no one else had the balls, I took it upon myself and came to this Vault, but I've been locked in. In here I'm known as "Clayton Ward," since someone was too stupid to show up - thanks for the free rent, moron! I'm not sure what the situation is out there, but everything seemed fine before I got here... I don't know if anything could bomb as bad as our profits last year!

Nuclear war might actually help you fools - great job running my father's company into the ground, by the way! I've taken a good look at this place, and, honestly? Not impressed. Sure, it's big, but that's what you get when you're working on Uncle Sam's dime, robbing the American people blind. The Clarks built ourselves up from nothing and represent the actual American -- hard-working and not willing to quit!

But seriously, this Vault? Incredible. Nothing the nerds at the lab could do!

Listen, if you eggheads could do your jobs... It's incredible. Amazing, even! Get this: there's this giant computer here and it's running this whole show by itself! Nobody pulling the strings, does it all on it's own! Amazing! Gonna learn more and report back whenever possible. Howard...

I mean, Clayton Ward out.

Part 2


Harold Clark: This is Harold. At this point, I expect I'm the only person on the board alive, otherwise someone would have come for me. God knows I won't be for long. This place... this is nothing like we would have expected. There was an explosion in here and it's like nothing ever happened. I start digging around in ZAX's files just to see what's happening outside? Gone the next day. The files, the terminals, everything. That thing... it's not a computer, more like... like a wizard! A god! And, I just know it, ZAX has been pitting us against each other this whole time. Thought no one would notice, that it was just some fun and games... then he started giving these maniacs guns! What in god's name was Vault-Tec planning? Was this a trap? Did Vault-Tec lure me in here? Most of us are dead!

*distant screams*

Reuben Gill: Clayton! Get out here! You're gonna pay for taking my room!

Harold Clark: Oh god, that lunatic is coming for me... ZAX gave him a gun and now he's after me... H, Hey, you! Get away from me!

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