Harrison Peters

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Mentioned-only character
Harrison Peters
Biography and appearance
Spore carrier
AffiliationVault 22
Vault dweller (term)
Mentioned inFallout: New Vegas

Dr. Harrison T. Peters was a scientist involved in the agricultural experiments inside Vault 22.


Dr. Peters was part of the search team sent into the caves to locate Assistant Mathers, who had gone missing. Upon returning later with an injured security guard and the other missing, he was unable to relate what had happened down there.

He entered the vault clinic at some point after the caves were sealed and was diagnosed for pneumonia. The doctor was very surprised when Peters' body completely rejected the treatment. The doctor felt he may need to order exploratory surgery afterward. Ten minutes before the surgery was to commence, Peters died. An autopsy was commenced immediately, and the doctor discovered his lungs were full of an unknown fungal infection. At the end of the day, Peters' corpse reanimated and attacked the doctor, who fled the clinic, barring Peters inside. Security arrived and presumably killed the spore carrier. Peters was one of the first people to die from the experiments in Vault 22 and became the first spore carrier.


Harrison Peters is mentioned only in Fallout: New Vegas.