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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see a wizened old man wearing a doctor’s coat. }
{101}{}{You see Doc Holliday.}
{102}{}{You see a wizened old man in a slightly bloody doctor’s coat. The man radiates an air of knowledge. He also seems slightly sickly.}

{103}{}{::wheeze:: Hi there. I’m Doc Holliday. How can I help you?}
{104}{}{Now what do you want?}
{106}{}{I’m hurt and need healing.}
{107}{}{One of my friends is hurt and needs healing.}
{108}{}{What do you do here?}
{109}{}{Tell me about the town.}
{110}{}{Any gossip?}
{111}{}{Just sell me some stimpack.}

{112}{}{Forget it. Sorry.}

{113}{}{Let me take a look at that. I can heal you, but it’ll cost.}
{114}{}{How much?}
{115}{}{Forget it.}

{116}{}{Yes, I can heal this… ::wheeze:: for a price.}
{117}{}{How much?}
{118}{}{Forget it.}

{119}{}{What do I do here? You’re in a hospital. I’m wearing a doctor’s coat. I’m covered with blood. There are sharp, pointy things lying all around. Either I’m a successful killer or a fair doctor. Take your pick.}
{120}{}{I guess I can call you a doctor.}
{121}{}{Don’t get smart with me, old man.}
{122}{}{A really good doctor wouldn’t be getting blood all over himself.}

{123}{}{Let’s see. I was born here years ago. Place was just getting started. I picked up when I was a teen and tooled around the place for a while. Met a woman. Fell in love. She died of sickness. I decided then that I was going to become a doctor.}
{124}{}{Yeah? Go on.}
{125}{}{We were talking about Broken Hills, not your history.}

{126}{}{You’d be surprised what people say when they’re in pain.}
{127}{}{Oh yeah? Like what?}
{128}{}{I changed my mind. I’d rather ask other questions.}

{129}{}{That’ll cost you $50.}
{130}{}{I’ll pay.}
{131}{}{Forget it.}

{132}{}{For wounds like that, you’ll be losing $100.}
{133}{}{I’ll pay.}
{134}{}{Forget it.}

{135}{}{That looks like it must have hurt. Going to hurt your wallet, too... $150.}
{136}{}{I’ll pay.}
{137}{}{Forget it.}

{138}{}{Ouch! You’re going to need some serious patching. $200.}
{139}{}{I’ll pay.}
{140}{}{Forget it.}

{141}{}{Whew… friend, this is going to hurt you a lot. $300 and you’re good as new.}
{142}{}{I’ll pay.}
{143}{}{Forget it.}

{144}{}{He should be okay after a little help from me… ::wheeze:: to the tune of $50.}
{145}{}{I’ll pay.}
{146}{}{Forget it.}

{147}{}{You been seeing some action? I remember back when I was a little spitfire. Got plenty of holes in me, too. This misadventure will cost you $100.}
{148}{}{I’ll pay.}
{149}{}{Forget it.}

{150}{}{Kid, do you take care of your friends? ::cough:: If you’re going to take care of this friend, you’ll need to pay $150.}
{151}{}{I’ll pay.}
{152}{}{Forget it.}

{153}{}{You must be pretty good to inspire loyalty like this from your friends. I hope you’re good... because this is going to cost ::cough:: $200.}
{154}{}{I’ll pay.}
{155}{}{Forget it.}

{156}{}{Ouch! I’ll need to put a cast on that or something. For my extensive medical knowledge, you’ll be parting with $300.}
{157}{}{I’ll pay.}
{158}{}{Forget it.}

{159}{}{Friend, you don’t have that kind of money. I can sell you some stimpacks if you like, but with the healing you’re looking for, you can’t afford what I can afford to give you.}
{160}{}{Give me the stimpacks.}
{161}{}{No thanks.}

{162}{}{It’s been a pleasure.}

{164}{}{That’s not acceptable.}
{165}{}{How about this?}
{166}{}{It’s all I want to offer. So long.}

{167}{}{::wheeze:: Are you hurt? Let me take a look at that. Do you have money?}

{170}{}{Let me take a look at your bag. (he looks through your bag and takes something) Okay. Now, this may hurt a little bit.}

{172}{}{Yes. Now… There! We’re done. Good luck to you, okay? Don’t get hurt!}

{174}{}{That’s right. I’m a doctor. Good to see that intelligence is alive and well in the post-nuclear world.}
{175}{}{Ha! And it’s kicking around inside the body of a 70-year-old man!}
{176}{}{I don’t want to be taking shit from you, old man.}
{177}{}{Ummm.. Yeah. I had more questions.}

{179}{}{Threaten the only doctor in town. Good thinking. ::cough:: Friend, if you want something, you can ask politely. Otherwise, get the hell out of my hospital.}
{180}{}{Bite me, old man. Get ready to die.}
{181}{}{Yeah. Whatever.}
{182}{}{Sorry. Bad day.}
{183}{}{I was just kidding around.}

{184}{}{Stripling, you have a lot to learn about respect.}
{185}{}{Child, you have a lot to learn about humor.}
{186}{}{Yeah, all right.}
{187}{}{Okay, you’ve pissed me off. Now you’re going to need to heal yourself.}

{188}{}{(You can see a glint of laughter in his eyes behind his glasses.) Don’t see it too many other places these days. The young of the world, for example…}
{190}{}{Old man, don’t push me.}
{191}{}{...are the repository of what our elders once knew...}
{192}{}{Yeah, yeah, yeah… I gotta go.}

{193}{}{Relax, kid. Just joking around with you.}
{194}{}{Yeah, I know. So… ummm… }

{195}{}{… and what we refuse to tell you little bastards! (he bursts out laughing) Kid, the next time you need to see me for some medical help, it’s on the house.}
{196}{}{I had some other questions.}
{197}{}{Thanks. I’ll see you around.}

{198}{}{You’re hurt? Let me fix that.}
{200}{}{Thanks. See ya!}

{201}{}{Who’s hurt? Oh, just line up and I'll take care of the lot of ya.}
{202}{}{One more thing…}
{203}{}{Thanks! Bye!}

{204}{}{Surprisingly little. Sorry, but when I’m concentrating on healing someone, I don’t usually pay attention to their innermost secrets.}
{205}{}{Oh. Will you answer more questions?}

{206}{}{So then I traveled to San Francisco and studied under the Chinese there… an old gentleman by the name of Mr. Fung taught me everything I know about medicine. He also taught me some wisdom.}
{207}{}{So then what happened?}
{208}{}{And this ties into Broken Hills how?}

{209}{}{I’m getting to that! Kids these days… so impatient.}
{210}{}{Sorry. Go on.}
{211}{}{This sucks. I’m outta here.}

{212}{}{Then, I came back here and watched Marcus build the town from the shanties I remember from my youth into the "sprawling metropolis" you see before you. I saw people attracted by promises of wealth. I saw people grow up and die. I saw the currents of history.}
{213}{}{So that means…}

{214}{}{That means that I don’t know most of the new people these days. Most of my memories are just that -- memories.}
{215}{}{Oh. Well, thanks for the story.}
{216}{}{You jerk! You made me wait that long for nothing?}

{217}{}{No, thank you for listening to me ramble. Next time you’re here and need healing, it’s on the house.}
{218}{}{Thanks! So anyway…}
{219}{}{Thanks. So long!}

{220}{}{Yeah. Hope it was worth it! (he cackles)}
{221}{}{No. Not really. Tell me something else.}
{222}{}{No. You shriveled old jerk. Bye.}

{300}{}{Who would you like me to heal?}

{314}{}{You’re hurt? Let me fix that. I'll take care of your companions too.}
{315}{}{There ya' go. All better.}