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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see a person clad in black leather armor, wearing a grim expression and carrying a powerful gun.}
{101}{}{You see }
{102}{}{You see a caravan guard, covered in the dust of the trail and sweat of combat; you infer this to mean that the caravan routes are growing more dangerous these days.}

{103}{}{Help you?}
{104}{}{Aggle ok too!}
{105}{}{Me work ‘yere?}
{106}{}{Yes, I’m looking for the caravan master.}
{107}{}{I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about Chad.}
{108}{}{Who are you?}
{109}{}{Sorry about Chad. Who’s the new boss?}
{110}{}{No, thanks.}

{111}{}{If you’re looking for work, you might want to talk to Bill, the guy inside there. In-SIDE. He might understand you. Good luck!}

{113}{}{That’d be }

{116}{}{You got questions, maybe I got answers. Whaddya wanna know?}
{117}{}{What’s he like?}
{118}{}{Can he be trusted?}
{119}{}{Where does he get his money?}
{120}{}{What’s his history?}
{121}{}{Forget it. See you later.}

{122}{}{Me? I’m }

{123}{}{You’re sorry about Chad? Ha! Made a nice profit, did you? The new boss is }

{125}{}{In that case, you wanna talk to Bill, the Outfitter of Broken Hills. He can hook you up.}

{127}{}{All right. See ya, then.}

{128}{}{What’s he like? Well, he’s friendly, but abrasive. He’s a good boss, and usually fair to us. He doesn’t treat us badly or anything, if that’s what you mean. Any more questions?}

{129}{}{I always kind of assumed he’d brought it with him -- and plenty of it, at that. It’s not the sort of thing you ask a guy, you know. Any more questions?}

{130}{}{Well, he’s a little shady, I guess… but then, so are most people these days. Any other questions?}

{131}{}{I have no idea what his history is. I mean, just about all of us caravan guards are drifters who came here for the job. Figure he’s another one who had to vacate someplace else in a hurry. Any more questions?}

{132}{}{Because I’m the new boss, I’m probably about the only person here who doesn’t hate you. What can I do for you?}
{133}{}{I want a job.}
{134}{}{You skimming off the top?}
{135}{}{When’s the next caravan leave?}
{136}{}{Nothing, thanks.}

{137}{}{Talk to Bill, just like always.}

{139}{}{After what happened to Chad? I don’t think so. Anything else?}

{140}{}{We’re here. Here’s your $500. If you want to come back, we leave at the end of the day. You’ll earn the money on the way back, too, if you want it. One way or another, though, we’re leaving then.}
{141}{}{See ya.}

{142}{}{You ready to leave?}

{143}{}{Thanks. Here’s your $500. You want a new job, talk to Bill.}

{144}{}{You sick loser! You’re gonna die now!}
{150}{}{, the caravan guard.}
{151}{}{. I’m a guard for Bill’s caravans. Anything else?}
{153}{}{. Should be around here somewhere. Looking for a job?}
{154}{}{. Good luck working with him. Jerk.}