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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see a woman wearing a perpetual scowl.}
{101}{}{You see Liz, the manager of the General Store.}
{102}{}{You see a middle-aged woman whose scowl has eroded her face. She looks like one of those people who takes a perverse pleasure in a hard life.}

{103}{}{Hi. I’m Liz. What do you want?}
{104}{}{Now what?}
{105}{}{Nggg! Nnnnnng!}
{106}{}{Me nget ssssstUFF!}
{107}{}{I’d like to buy something.}
{108}{}{What can you tell me about this town?}
{109}{}{I want to kill something. What’s around?}
{110}{}{What’s up with the guns in your basement?}
{111}{}{I understand you have a surplus of weapons. I need some.}

{113}{}{Oh, god… another addle-headed mutant baby. When will someone just shoot these things?}

{115}{}{Speak slowly and clearly and I’ll see if I can help you.}
{116}{}{Nn! Stuff! Me!}
{117}{}{Dood bye!}

{118}{}{You want to buy something?}
{120}{}{No no no.}

{121}{}{All right. What do you want?}

{123}{}{Don’t forget the service charge.}
{124}{}{Tank yoo!}

{125}{}{You want to buy something? Fine. This is what I’ve got.}
{126}{}{One other thing...}
{127}{}{Thanks. See ya.}

{128}{}{It’s a boring little mining town filled with all sorts of undesirables. You want a guided tour, talk to Steve or someone.}
{129}{}{Wow, a crabby one. I have more questions.}
{130}{}{Okay. Bye.}

{131}{}{What’d you have in mind for killing?}
{132}{}{Radscorpions, rats, that sort of thing.}
{133}{}{Oh, the occasional humanoid.}
{134}{}{You. Die, bitch.}
{135}{}{Bad guys.}
{136}{}{No one. Forget it.}

{137}{}{Who told you about that?? I mean… of course not! Don’t be ridiculous!}
{138}{}{Relax. Jacob told me.}
{139}{}{Yeah, well, it’s all over town and it’s an open secret.}
{140}{}{Your secret’s safe. I got it from a reliable source.}

{141}{}{You might try the caves or the area near the homes. I understand there are plenty of monsters there.}
{142}{}{Thanks. Bye.}

{143}{}{Humanoids, eh? Any humanoids in particular?}
{147}{}{Just kidding.}

{148}{}{What’s your definition of a bad guy?}
{149}{}{Anyone I don’t like. Humanoids, mostly.}
{150}{}{Anyone who gets in my way.}
{151}{}{It’s a pretty fluid definition.}

{152}{}{Oh, well, if you got it from a reliable source, then yeah. Are you going to put an end to the mutants’ domination?}

{155}{}{Then I guess I’d better start cleaning up the loose ends.}
{156}{}{-done- }

{157}{}{I don’t support killin’ in this store. Get out.}
{158}{}{Yeah, whatever. Bitch.}

{159}{}{Ghouls are useful slaves. They ain’t got enough minds of their own to be people, but they ain’t worth killin’, either. I don’t support the killin’ of ghouls.}
{160}{}{Fine. I want something else.}
{161}{}{Whatever. Bye.}

{162}{}{If you’re really interested in killing mutants, maybe you ought to go talk to Jacob the chemist.}
{163}{}{Jacob, eh? Will do.}

{164}{}{Thought you might be. Now get along.}

{166}{}{In that case, take the hidden passage in the floor in my room down to the stronghold. I got a small arsenal down there. Git going.}

{168}{}{Coincidentally, I got rid of all the guns I had except what you see here. Help you with somethin’ else?}

{171}{}{I ain’t sellin’ to you. Get out of my store.}
{172}{}{-done - }

{173}{}{The store is closed. We open at eight.}
{174}{}{Hey! Get away from there!}
{175}{}{That's it! You asked for it!}
{178}{}{I don't care if you got it from God himself! I'm just gonna make damn sure nobody else finds out.}
{179}{}{Hey! Don't go down there!}
{180}{}{I'm not going to warn you again. Stay away from there!}
{181}{}{That's it! Get over here!}
{182}{}{What else are you going to bother me with?}


{185}{}{Hey! Who the hell is out there?}
{186}{}{I don't know who you are, but I'm comin' for ya'.}