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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see a mutant in dusty clothes holding a pickaxe.}
{101}{}{You see a mutant miner.}
{102}{}{You see a mutant in dusty clothes holding a pickaxe. From the calluses on his hands and the tired expression, you figure out this mutant must be a miner. He looks tired, and a little confused.}

{103}{}{Whaddya want?}
{104}{}{Ag-ag! Ooo!}
{105}{}{Ork! Ooky!}
{108}{}{What’s there to do around here?}
{109}{}{Who are you?}

{110}{}{Oh, good. An idiot. Touched by the radiation, eh, pal? I can’t understand you. I can’t help you.}

{111}{}{I said I can’t help you! Go away and pester someone else!}

{112}{}{What’s there to do? Well, the mine’s shut down because we haven’t got an air purifier that works. There’s the saloon. There’s the caravaneers, and there’s the general store. That’s about it. Wait… what were we talking about?}
{113}{}{Who do I talk to about the mine?}
{114}{}{Where’s the saloon?}
{115}{}{Where are the caravaneers?}
{116}{}{Where’s the general store?}
{117}{}{Thanks. Bye.}

{118}{}{Just one of the miners. Do you want someone important?}

{122}{}{The movers and shakers of the town are Marcus, who’s kind of the mayor and sheriff, Zaius, who’s the mine foreman, and Chad, who runs the caravan. Phil the bartender’s the leader of the ghouls, I guess… if you can say they have a leader. Who were you again?}
{123}{}{Where can I find Marcus?}
{124}{}{Where can I find Zaius?}
{125}{}{Where can I find Cameron?}
{126}{}{Where can I find Chad?}
{127}{}{Where can I find Phil?}
{128}{}{Thanks. Bye.}

{129}{}{If you think you can help out at the mine, go talk to Zaius. He’s usually in the foreman’s hut outside the mine. He’s in a bad mood because of the air purifier being shut down. Anything else?}

{130}{}{Phil the ghoul runs the saloon. He’s kinda the spokesman for the ghouls in town. You can find it to the east of the bank. Anything else?}

{131}{}{Chad runs the caravans out of his place on the southwest edge of town. Anything else?}

{132}{}{Liz, who’s a decent sort for a human, runs the general store just west of the bank. Anything else?}

{133}{}{All right, then. See you later.}
{134}{}{Cameron’s the leader of the normal humans here. He doesn’t much like mutants or ghouls, but he treats us okay. He’s a politician, so you’ll usually find him at the bank or the saloon. Sometimes you can even find him working at the blacksmith. Anything else? And where am I, anyway? Oh yeah… so… anything else?}

{135}{}{Marcus is our leader. He helped found Broken Hills. You can usually find him at the Bank or the jail. Anything else?}

{136}{}{Greedy bastard. Do you know how hard we work? I hope you rot.}

{137}{}{Thanks for the ore!}

{138}{}{I can’t believe the mine blew up. We’re all going to starve to death now. That mine was the only thing keeping this town going. Well, at least I can go senile without any more work…}

{139}{}{You bastard! Die!}

{140}{}{Thanks for fixing the mine for us. We really owe you for this. What can I do for you?}
{141}{}{Who are you?}
{142}{}{What’s there to do in this town?}

{144}{}{We owe you for saving us from those NCR bastards. Thanks, pal. What can I do for you?}
{145}{}{Who are you?}
{146}{}{What’s there to do in this town?}