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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see a spore plant.}
{101}{}{You see Seymour the spore plant.}
{102}{}{You see a spore plant that somehow radiates an aura of intelligence.}
{103}{}{Hi! Nice weather we've been having, huh?}
{104}{}{Yoo talk?}
{106}{}{Excuse me, but is this the plant that's talking?}
{107}{}{Are you connected with that scientist in any way?}
{109}{}{Yes, I do talk. Better than some people, it seems. I'd smile at you right now, but I just don't have a mouth. [it laughs] Say, could you do me a big favor?}
{112}{}{I'm looking for a better place to be. Right here is nice and all, but frankly, these plants aren't much for conversation. I was thinking over there, by the building with all the ghouls in it... Would you replant me?}
{116}{}{I think not.}
{117}{}{Great! All you have to do is find a shovel, dig me up, and plant me over there. When you do, I'll tell you a secret.}
{119}{}{Nuh uh.}
{120}{}{All right. Well, um... I'll be waiting here for you. Not like I really have a choice, you know. So long!}
{122}{}{If you should happen to change your mind, you know where to find me. I've put down roots here. Ha ha ha! Just a little plant humor for you. Oh, don't let me keep you. So long!}
{124}{}{Well said, well said! How delightful to see a homo sapiens use its brain to its fullest extent. My dear friend, would you be willing to do me a favor?}
{127}{}{Why, yes! Yes, it is! Very astute, friend, very astute. I can see you didn't germinate yesterday! My fine-stemmed companion, would you be so kind as to do me a favor?}
{129}{}{I don't think so.}
{130}{}{Deee-lightful! I'm very, very pleased. Just find yourself a shovel and come on back. When you're done, maybe I can tell you a secret. My friend, I do hope you continue to flower.}
{131}{}{Um, right. So long.}
{132}{}{I changed my mind.}
{133}{}{Oh, yes, the Professor. He grew me from a tiny spore and nurtured me... but I realized from an early age that if I were to act as smart as I truly am, he'd cut me into pieces to examine me. So, I played dumb and got planted out here. It's nice... but I'd like to branch out a little. Y'know, maybe get planted someplace else...}
{134}{}{"Branch out." Indeed.}
{135}{}{Right. What do you want?}
{136}{}{Uh... huh. I gotta go. Bye.}
{137}{}{So does he still have the scorpion? That thing is a mean chess player... it has a lot of bark and plenty of bite, if you know what I mean... but I know how to beat him. If you do me a favor, I'll tell you how.}
{138}{}{Really? How?}
{139}{}{That's fascinating. A chess-playing plant. How prosaic. Goodbye.}
{140}{}{My fine friend, if you will replant me near the ghouls' home over there, I will be happy to impart my deep-rooted knowledge of chess.}
{141}{}{It's a deal.}
{142}{}{No thanks. I'll handle the scorpion on my own.}
{143}{}{Ahh, my friend, you have returned. This is quite a delightful place here. The shade is perfect, and the company is simply dazzling. That Typhon, what a kidder! He really makes my intellectual sap flow!}
{145}{}{What was that you mentioned about chess?}
{147}{}{Well, it was about how to beat the professor's scorpion at chess. My friend, it is simplicity itself. The Flying Liver Attack is like a flytrap to that bug - it walks right into it and then can't extricate itself. I guarantee your success.}
{148}{}{'Anks! Bye!}
{149}{}{I appreciate the information! Bye!}
{150}{}{My friend! Has the sun been shining upon you? How does your day flower? Are you ready for the move? I certainly am!}
{152}{}{Nuh uh! No move!}
{153}{}{Let's go.}
{154}{}{I've changed my mind. I don't want to help you.}
{155}{}{I'm so excited I could release a spore cloud all over myself! Let's go!}
{157}{}{That's a pity, that's a pity indeed. I do hope you'll change your mind at some point. Perhaps the pollen of your indecision will blow my way again. Good day.}
{159}{}{Good day indeed.}
{160}{}{Oooh... the soil here feels so... different. Cleaner, somehow. Probably because I don't have to share it with those other plants. Ahhh. Oh! Yes! If you ever run across the Professor and his scorpion, remember this chess maneuver: It's called the Flying Liver Attack, and the scorpion cannot stand against it.}
{162}{}{Thanks. I'll try that out. Bye!}
{163}{}{I would also like to tell you that I happen to know the ghoul Typhon inside this building knows the whereabouts of a treasure trove. Perhaps that might be useful to you someday.}
{164}{}{'Anks! Byee!}
{165}{}{Have you had time to reconsider? Would you like to help me?}
{169}{}{I think not.}
{170}{}{Alas, you do not appear to have a shovel. Until you can find one, I can't go. I await your return with bated pistil.}
{172}{}{Psst! Hey! Hey, pal! Over here!}
{173}{}{C'mere! I promise I won't hurt you.}
{174}{}{Come on. You scared of a plant?}
{175}{}{Over here! Let's get to it!}
{176}{}{Yes, I'm a talking plant. Get over it and talk to me.}
{177}{}{Whoa, friend. Don't just start digging. We've got to strategize the move first. Let's talk it over.}
{178}{}{You replanted Seymour by the old-ghouls home.}
{179}{}{Haf shuvl! Plant now!}
{180}{}{It just so happens I have a shovel right here. Let's go.}