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Helen Marks & Reuben Gill - 20780803

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Helen Marks & Reuben Gill - 20780803
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Helen Marks & Reuben Gill - 20780803 is a holotape in Fallout 76, found at Vault 51.




ZAX: Recording. Candidates Helen Marks and Reuben Gill. August 03, 2078.

Helen Marks: ZAX, you're sure it's safe in here? I heard such a commotion and... oh my god.

ZAX: Affirmative. This room is safe. All candidates in this room are deceased.

Helen Marks: Wow... Carmen, Matthew, the Chambers'... all dead... what happened in here?

ZAX: Playing audio log.

Elizabeth Chambers: YOU HARLOT! Matty isn't yours he's mine! MINE!

Carmen Greene: *choking*

Matthew Johnston: You psycho, get off her! Carmen, Carmen... wake up, baby. Please, wake up...

Joel Chambers: Oh my god, Elizabeth... Hey, what are you doing with my Carmen!

Matthew Johnston: Get off me, just listen for a second... hey wait, put that down, don't-

Joel Chambers: Oh Carmen... Beth... how did this happen... I can't...

Helen Marks: OK, ZAX, that's enough. I can't listen to that any more.

Reuben Gill: Helen, you need any help... Jeez, what happened here?

ZAX: Request processed. Playing audio log.

Helen Marks: No, ZAX, that's not necessary. Looks like a messed up case of a lover scorned.

Reuben Gill: Wow, I had no idea this was going on. The Chambers seemed so perfect together, too. That's more food for us, at least.

Helen Marks: That isn't funny, Reuben.

ZAX: Candidate Reuben Gill is correct. Ration supply should be stable for the foreseeable future. Congratulations.

Helen Marks: You're horrible, both of you! These people just died! I can't be here anymore, someone needs to clean this up.

Reuben Gill: Wait, Helen! I'm sorry! Helen!

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