History's Sake

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History's Sake
TaskHear the entire story of the Sierra Madre.
Reward100 XP
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Heard the entire history of the Sierra Madre

— message file

History's Sake is an 8-part challenge in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money. The player must access entries on terminals and hold certain conversations with companions in order to complete it.


The Villa

Medical District

  • On the terminal next to where you find the assassin suit in the Clinic. (the room with the previous headless dead money victims)

Puesta del Sol

Salida del Sol

  • In Salida del Sol North, head north. Just before reaching the final set of steps leading up to Campanas del Sol, there is a tunnel on the right leading to a room. A terminal inside has a "Personal Log" entry detailing a cover-up of an accident resulting from shoddy construction. Mind the bear trap.
  • Further south from the steps leading to Campanas del Sol, along the Eastern side, there is a three-story building with a terminal containing another "Personal Log" on the third floor. Again, watch out for more bear traps on the second and third floors.
  • In Salida del Sol South, in the South-Eastern area, there is a platform leading away from the top floor entrance of Salida del Sol House. In there is a terminal with a status report discussing the casino's sturdy construction. On the bookshelf sits a copy of "Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor", and a First Aid Box is in front of the shelves.

Sierra Madre Casino

  • On the third level, the "Notes on Emergency Protocols" entry in the "Security Office terminal" details the unusual lockdown policy of the Sierra Madre and some concerns about the potential for disaster.
  • During the quest Heist of the Centuries, make sure to read all the entries at the terminal used to shut down the security holograms.


  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png There are only 8 entries despite stating there are 10.