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Hologram (Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel)

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For an overview of holograms in the Fallout universe, see Hologram.
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Biography and appearance
AffiliationBrotherhood of Steel
Secret Vault
RoleMeans of communications
LocationVault Prototype
Secret Vault
ActorKristakis Gepetto
FOBoSLogo.pngThe following is based on Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Holograms are a means of communications in the Vault Prototype and in the Secret Vault in 2208.


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During the Sino-American War, research efforts were undertaken to weaponize holography, most notably at the Big MT research facility. Basing on RobCo Stealth Boy technology reverse engineered from captured Chinese stealth suits, the researchers attempted to create a design capable of matching the Chinese technological edge.[1] Despite promising initial results, holograms required excessive amounts of electricity to power,[2] greatly limiting their potential. Actual, mobile holograms never reached any popularity in the United States.[3]

In fact, the entire program teetered on the brink of cancellation. However, the insistence of Frederick Sinclair, his money, and support from National Electric kept it going. The researchers at Big MT's Z-38 lightwave dynamics research facility developed the first working holograms, although their functionality was limited. They were only good as holographic greeters and walking cameras, unsuited for combat.[4][5] Contrary to their expectations, National Electric not only managed to weaponize holograms with their proprietary Emergency Broadcast Emitter (EBE) technology, but also commercialize it. However, they only managed to deliver their technology to one client: Frederick Sinclair and the Sierra Madre Casino. The EBE allowed holograms to attack identified threats with lethal force, while remaining practically invulnerable to retaliation.[5][6] Their only weak point were emitters, which could be destroyed despite their space age alloy housing or disabled if someone tampered with circuits.[5][7] However, if the emitters were safe, custom energy recycling emitters could keep them going indefinitely.[8][9]

Interactions with the player character

The player completes the tutorial in the Vault Prototype guided by a Brotherhood of Steel paladin hologram.


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    The Courier: "Why?"
    Elijah: "Most Holograms perform specific functions. The Security Holograms, ever since the bombs fell, now perform their function. They will kill anyone they detect. They are immune to guns, weapons, EMPs... even energy weapons. Still, they have limitations. Their design limits their field of view, enough to avoid detection. Each has an emitter - destroy or disable it, and they cease to be a threat. Still... at least they still work as intended. Other technology here is more of a threat to you... notably, the Villa's radios and speakers."
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    Security is N.E.'s top concern. There is no reason to provide a service that you cannot defend, and should the current world situation lead to increased hostilities, an Emergency Broadcast Emitter has been placed inside select hologram emitters at the Sierra Madre. In case of nuclear attack, holograms will defend their stations with lethal force to protect the guests under their charge.
    If you wish to make sure that those who come to your Villa and casino have the means to defend themselves, I assure you, you need look no further than the E.B.E., it is a proven technology, and anyone who decides to attack you or your guests will regret any aggression."
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