Homestead Motel terminals

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Gametitle-FO3 PL.png

The Homestead Motel terminals can be found in Room 1D of the Homestead Motel located in Point Lookout.

Safehouse Terminal


encrypt k.v1910-mkIV
clearance level GAMMA

Welcome to USA, Dr. Jiang.


Audio Saved to User Device...
Begin transcription...
I apologize that I cannot receive you in person, agent Jiang. Our Norfolk contact confirms your arrival. How eager the Americans are to believe that a great mind of the People would defect! Our countrymen will herald you as a hero when your work is done. To that end, let us turn to the details of your mission. This room will be your safehouse in Point Lookout. Focus initially on playing the American lapdog.Do not arouse suspicion. When it is safe, use the key you were given in Norfolk to open one of the public rental lockers on the boardwalk near the Motel. You will be provided with the password you'll need to access your mission dossier. Zhù ni háoyùn, agent Jiang.
End auto-transcription...
Compare to audio for accuracy...


> Downloading Audio...

Photo File: Wan Yang

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Wan Yang.png


Extraction Details

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Agent JIANG receive automated correspondence of Chinese Intelligence Ministry.

Remote Positive of Mission Parameters Satisfactory.

Orbital intelligence verifies SSN-37-1A termination

Please note following from intelligence officer AGENT_ID_UNAVAIL.

"Agent, if you're receiving this message, then our satellites have registered the destruction of your objective. Well done. Please report to my personal bunker, hidden among the grounds of Calvert Mansion. Coordinates have been provided with this transmission.

The bunker entrance is hidden, of course. Your pair of Cryptochromatic Spectacles have been hidden in the water tank of the toilet in your safehouse. Retrieve them if you haven't already. Here is the sequence code to unlock the bunker:

1 3 2 3 4 4 2

Once inside, the Passphrase is : Seraphim Descending". I look forward to congratulating you personally, agent.


> Loading...