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Honey mesquite pod

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Honey Mesquite Pod
Icon honey mesquite.png
Honey mesquite pod (left) and plant (right)
+1 Hit Point per second for 4s
-10 Dehydration
-10 Starvation
Component ofGrilled mantis
Party Time Mentats
Black coffee (Honest Hearts)
Editor IDNVFreshHoneyMesquiteFruit
Base ID000eaca1

The honey mesquite pod is a consumable item in Fallout: New Vegas.


The honey mesquite pod grows on a short tree with willow-like branches. Trees with pickable pods will appear bushier in foliage and have strings of pods on them, resembling a fern pattern. Pods can be eaten for a small amount of health restoration or used in recipes. Like all other Mojave Wasteland plants, ripe honey mesquite trees found in the wasteland will eventually regrow after being picked by the player, making them an unlimited supply of free food.

Many of the trees that grow these pods can be found around the Powder Ganger Camp North. There are also a few trees within and around the windy desert area near Nipton Road Pit Stop, but one must beware of the many radscorpions that reside there. The greenhouses found at the NCR Sharecropper Farms contain numerous trees.

The honey mesquite pod is used in the following campfire craftables: grilled mantis (2 required), Party Time Mentats and black coffee (Honest Hearts add-on).

Effects of Survival skill

10+1 Hit Point, -12 Dehydration, -12 Starvation60+2 Hit Point, -22 Dehydration, -22 Starvation
20+1 Hit Point, -14 Dehydration, -14 Starvation70+2 Hit Point, -24 Dehydration, -24 Starvation
30+1 Hit Point, -16 Dehydration, -16 Starvation80+2 Hit Point, -26 Dehydration, -26 Starvation
40+1 Hit Point, -18 Dehydration, -18 Starvation90+2 Hit Point, -28 Dehydration, -28 Starvation
50+2 Hit Point, -20 Dehydration, -20 Starvation100+3 Hit Point, -30 Dehydration, -30 Starvation


With the add-on Old World Blues, this item can be crafted by the player.



Behind the scenes

  • The honey mesquite tree is a real plant native to the American Southwest and Mexico.