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Honeymoon Horror

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Honeymoon Horror
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Game tile Fallouit Shelter.png

Honeymoon Horror is a repeatable quest in Fallout Shelter.


Some newlyweds from a nearby settlement went to a secluded cave to “celebrate” in private. They haven't returned, and neither has the original rescue party! Maybe those rumors of Radscorpions are true after all. Better gear up!


Rescue the newlyweds from the Radscorpions.


  • Awesome, we're off the hook! Here you go. (_Conversation_1_NPCEnd_1);
  • Awesome, we're off the hook! Here you go. (_Conversation_1_NPCEnd_2);
  • Fine by us! Here you go. (_Conversation_1_NPCEnd_3);
  • I guess that's fair. A good reputation isn't going to keep itself! (_Conversation_1_NPCEnd_4);
  • We're the rescue party, but we're not going any deeper with all the Radscorpions around! (_Conversation_1_NPCStart_1);
  • After all, the food at the wedding was awful! Why risk our lives for them? (_Conversation_1_NPCStart_2);
  • So we sent the cat ahead to find them and bring them back. (_Conversation_1_NPCStart_3);
  • Now... why are you here again? (_Conversation_1_NPCStart_4);
  • To do your job. So hand over those Stimpaks. (_Conversation_1_Team_1);
  • To do your job. Now give us your RadAway. You won't be needing them. (_Conversation_1_Team_2);
  • To do your job. And we'll be taking one of your Laser Rifles to help us out. (_Conversation_1_Team_3);
  • To do your job. But we'll keep quiet about your cowardice if you've got enough Caps. (_Conversation_1_Team_4);
  • Fine. But you're stuck with the ugly dress they gave me. A dusty Librarian Outfit? Really? (_Conversation_2_NPCEnd_1);
  • Darling, I'll never forget you as I toil away in complete safety. Stay strong! (_Conversation_2_NPCEnd_2);
  • My husband would never aband... Oh, you want to go? Fine then. Go. (_Conversation_2_NPCEnd_3);
  • Thanks! But can you also take this Formal Wear back for us? It's a rental. (_Conversation_2_NPCEnd_4);
  • We're saved! Thank you so much! (_Conversation_2_NPCStart_1);
  • A nice cat kept us safe when those creatures attacked! But otherwise it just slept... (_Conversation_2_NPCStart_2);
  • But please don't take us back to the settlement. It's horrible there! (_Conversation_2_NPCStart_3);
  • The wedding gifts we got were so cheap! We can't imagine going back. (_Conversation_2_NPCStart_4);
  • Would you please just shut up and go home already? You've caused enough trouble. (_Conversation_2_Team_1);
  • Actually, there's room in my Vault for one more person. Patricia, you can come. (_Conversation_2_Team_2);
  • You know... there's room in my Vault for one more person. Grant, you're invited. (_Conversation_2_Team_3);
  • Sure, I'll just tell your settlement the Radscorpions got you. (_Conversation_2_Team_4);

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