Hornwright Summer Villa

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Hornwright Summer Villa
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Part ofThe Forest
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  • <LocTypeDungeon>
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  • <LocRegionForestFloodlands>

    Hornwright Summer Villa is a location in Fallout 76.

    Background[edit | edit source]

    The summer villa of the powerful Hornwright family, owners of Hornwright Industrial Mining Company.

    Points of interest[edit | edit source]

    • The villa is half-ruined, with most of the building collapsed. The garage contains a safe and a magazine spawn on the upper floor, and a weapons and tinker's workbench in the garage proper. The main villa can be entered through the back, leading to the living room and through the staircase to the wine cellar, with a steamer trunk, a magazine spawn, and a weapons and armor workbench.
    • In the gazebo and greenhouse in the back is minor loot. The greenhouse has a bobblehead spawn point.

    Notable loot[edit | edit source]

    • Bobblehead: In the greenhouse.
    • Magazines: Upstairs in the garage and in the wine cellar, same wall as the steamer trunk.
    • Kelly's Holotape: On a crate in the second floor of the garage.
    • Regarding the Infestation: On a desk in the second floor of the garage.

    Appearances[edit | edit source]

    Hornwright Summer Villa appears in Fallout 76.