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Hub downtown
Fo1 Hub Downtown.png
Map MarkerDowntown
BuildingsAll-In-One Store
Beth's Weapon Shop
Bob's Iguana Bits
Crimson Caravan office
Far Go Traders office
Friendly Lending Company building
Irwin's place
Hub library
Hub police station
Maltese Falcon
FactionsHub Police
Thieves' Circle
Children of the Cathedral
Far Go Traders
Crimson Caravan
Water Merchants
LeadersJustin Greene
MerchantsMrs. Stapleton
Bob Frazier
Maltese Falcon bartender
QuestsTake down Decker
Blackmail Iguana Bob
Guard the caravans
Harden your Power Armor
Find the missing caravans.
Help Irwin

The Downtown district is the largest, central district of the Hub. To the west is the Heights district, Old Town is to the east, and the Water Merchants are to the south, while the entrance is up north.

Layout[edit | edit source]

Fo1 Hub Downtown NoRoof.png

The downtown district is centered around the Merchant's Market: The central four buildings with the All-In-One Store, Hub library, Beth's Weapon Shop, and the Friendly Lending Company building. It surrounded by (from the top, counter-clockwise): Crimson Caravan office, Maltese Falcon, Irwin's place, Bob's Iguana Bits, the Hub police station, and the Far Go Traders office.

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

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Appearances[edit | edit source]

Hub Downtown appears only in Fallout.