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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see a well-armed mercenary.}

# 0. LOOK
{150}{}{You see a rugged looking man dressed in leather armor. Numerous scars and gunshot wounds cover his body. His armor and weapons, on the other hand, look well-maintained, almost new.}
{151}{}{You see a well-armed raider. He is scanning the area and fingering his weapon.}

{200}{}{Well, look at the brass balls on this son of a bitch...}
{202}{}{The area's been breached!}
{203}{}{We got us an intruder, boys!}
{204}{}{Scramble, boys, we got an intruder!}
{205}{}{Well, look who stopped in ta die…}
{206}{}{Damn! Somebody found us!}
{207}{}{You got some sand comin' in here…}
{208}{}{You just walked into the *wrong* place, bitch.}
{209}{}{Well, look at the swagger on this bitch...}

{250}{}{We went out drinking, and he called it 'attitude adjustment hour,' so we kicked his ass.}
{251}{}{We need to check those clusters in the cave...}
{252}{}{Almost time to do another check of the perimeter…}
{253}{}{Man, that tribal *stinks.* All his kind do.}
{254}{}{Damn Vault City laser cannons…}
{255}{}{Tired of polishing my gun… both of them.}
{256}{}{How long we gotta stay out here?}
{257}{}{We should be movin' out in a few days…}
{258}{}{Can't wait ta get back ta Reno. *'Specially* the Cat's Paw.}
{259}{}{Them scorps are gettin' hungry again. Heard 'em clicking last night…*click* *clack* *click*}
{260}{}{Did you check them mines at the entrance like I *told* you?}
{261}{}{Captain's breathing down my neck again cause I almost let that one merchant get away…}
{262}{}{I wonder how I can get out of this chicken-shit outfit.}
{263}{}{Lynette's a good-looking woman. Well, in a aristocratic, domineering, slave-advocating kind of way.}
{264}{}{…so then *she* says, 'that's my belly button, dipshit!' Haw! That joke *always* kills me.}
{265}{}{Good to go.}
{266}{}{The Captain's really busting my balls…}
{267}{}{I feel like I've been standing here forever, just waiting for somebody to show.}
{268}{}{Wish I had some other map I could go to.}