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Fallout Shelter Icon.jpegThe following is based on Fallout Shelter and some details might contradict canon.

Incidents are an integral part of Fallout Shelter, and can happen either randomly, or when performing a failed rush order. All incidents will need to be dealt with quickly, whether they are minor or major, or else they will spread to adjacent rooms, and jeopardize the entire vault. During an incident, vault dwellers in the same room will steadily become damaged, and will stop producing resources until the incident has been solved. Possible incidents include, but are not necessarily limited to: radroach infestations, mole rat infestations, fires, raider attacks, and even deathclaw attacks.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Mole rat infestations will only start in rooms touching dirt, yet will spread to other rooms, too, if left unchecked.
  • Both raider and deathclaw attacks are purely random, and will their encounters will not be instigated by a failed rush order, or any other internal vault incident.
    • Deathclaw attacks will be uncommon during the early stages of building a vault, as they are only randomly triggered through opening the vault, and having an active radio station. Once a vault reaches 60+ vault dwellers, or 35+ on Hardcore, deathclaw attacks will become much more common, largely phasing out raider attacks.
  • Difficulty of radroach and mole rat infestations, depends entirely on the size and the level of the room. In the most basic of rooms, radroaches and mole rats can be taken down by even unequipped vault dwellers; alternatively, though, in advanced rooms, even heavily equipped vault dwellers can easily be taken down by both types of infestations, unless they are regularly healed.

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