Installation K-21B terminals

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This page lists all Installation K-21B terminals.

Mainframe Terminal[edit | edit source]

Creation Kit ID

Surveillance Instructions[edit | edit source]


Center K-21B has been designated the following locations for government sanctions surveillance:

Frequency 001: LOCATION NAME
Frequency 002: LOCATION NAME
Frequency 003: LOCATION NAME

Tune to the designated frequency to begin surveillance on a specific location. Frequency designations have be programmed based on the operation parameters of your center. Should the need arise to alter or add frequencies, please contact the home office to request a technitian be dispatched to your center.

Surveillance Operations have been designated CRITICAL by your system administrator.

Frequency 001[edit | edit source]


Frequency 001 Activated

Frequency 002[edit | edit source]


Frequency 002 Activated

Frequency 003[edit | edit source]


Frequency 003 Activated