Iron Mountain

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Mentioned-only location
Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain is a location mentioned by the PoseidoNet terminal at Poseidon Oil Reactor № 5. It is listed as "offline" in 2242.[1]


Iron Mountain is mentioned only in Fallout 2.

Behind the scenes

There are several such Iron Mountains in the United States; one is a short 9 mile walk to the northwest of Redding, fairly close to Arroyo and Navarro. Another Iron Mountain, located in Utah, is a part of NORAD along with Cheyenne Mountain. However, it is most likely that the location is a reference to the Report from Iron Mountain satirical book.


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    "{350}{}{Searching Comlinks…Searching… Iron Mountain…Offline, NORAD…Offline, SAC…Offline. Searching PoseidoNet… --More?--}"