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Isotope-239 igniting agent

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Isotope-239 igniting agent
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QuestsCome Fly With Me
Base ID000b1df4

I'm going to pop this jar of goop open and pour it all over me!

Mr RADical

Isotope-239 igniting agent is a miscellaneous item in Fallout: New Vegas.


Isotope-239 igniting agent is a fuel used for the rockets at the REPCONN Test Site in the quest Come Fly With Me. You will not be able to drop this item if you pick it up after the REPCONN quest is complete. Its properties compare to the rocket souvenirs sold at the Dino Bite Gift Shop for the Come Fly With Me quest when buying 5 because the same agent is inside the souvenirs.


You can find the radioactive isotope at the DinoBites gift shop in Novac. When you ask if you can purchase all the left over rocket souvenirs, you are told they are in the closet behind the counter, and that you can buy the key from his shop. Even easier, you can pick the door lock (it's a very easy lock) and take all the rockets (remain hidden!). Doing so with the space suit (or other radiation suit) on will help, as the closet is slightly radioactive (1rad/sec). If you collect all of them, Haversam will accept them for the quest. You can otherwise find one on the corpse of Mr. RADical at Clark Field, and one next to a dead caravan brahmin also at Clark Field; although it may be out of view originally so PC players can use the console to get to it.


  • The item can be dropped after using the console command setquestobject 000B1DF4 0 or deleted from your inventory if you use player.removeitem 000B1DF4 1

Behind the scenes

  • Isotope-239 may refer to Plutonium-239, an isotope of plutonium most often used in the production of fission reactors and nuclear weapons.


  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png PCIcon pc.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png The Isotope-239 located next to the dead pack brahmin, along with the other items near it, may fall through the map if touched and therefore become unobtainable.