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Jaime's Personal Journal: Entry 01
Jaime's Personal Journal: Entry 02
Jaime's Personal Journal: Entry 03
Jaime's Personal Journal: Entry 04
Jaime's Personal Journal: Entry 05
Jaime's Personal Journal: Entry 06
Jaime's Personal Journal: Entry 07
Jaime's Personal Journal: Entry 08
Jaime's Personal Journal: Entry 09
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Jaime's personal journals are a series of holodisks of Jaime Palabras in Fallout 3

Locations[edit | edit source]

All of the holodisks are located with the Dunwich Building.

  • Entries 1-7 are in the first level, entry 8 in the second level (forsaken Dunwich ruins), and the final tape in the virulent underchambers.
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Transcripts[edit | edit source]

Jaime's Personal Journal: Entry 01[edit | edit source]


Why the hell would he come all the way out here? Dad's been a little nuts for some time now, but not like this. Leaving me in that crappy old hospital without waking me... without a goddamn flashlight. I made enough selling the meds we scrounged to have kept us both fed at the colony for weeks. Now I'm almost out of rations, my shoes are pretty much destroyed, and I'm still chasing the old coot. By my last reckoning, he was headed south.

Jaime's Personal Journal: Entry 02[edit | edit source]


Maybe I shouldn't have waited so damn long to start tracking him. Trail's gone cold. Going to wander with these guys a while. They say they wander the area -- maybe somebody's seen Dad.

Jaime's Personal Journal: Entry 03[edit | edit source]


These guys aren't who I thought they were. Jesus, they killed that family for a sack of rotten vegetables. Getting out of here next chance I can without catching a bullet.

Jaime's Personal Journal: Entry 04[edit | edit source]


Hit a caravan today. Trev didn't see the kid and got popped. I took care of Tawny right then, and put one in Thor before he saw her fall. That earned me some grub from the traders. Even better, they saw dad. He was in pretty rough shape, and still has the goddamn book. Trader says it gave him the creeps. Me too. But it's good to know he's still alive. Still headed south.

Jaime's Personal Journal: Entry 05[edit | edit source]


He must have been trying to trap food here. I recognize his snares. I can make out a building on the horizon. That must be where he headed. If not, at least I get a roof tonight.

Jaime's Personal Journal: Entry 06[edit | edit source]


Don't like the look of this place... don't like the smell. Gives me the creeps. Don't want to risk a shot at the crows until I know what’s in there. Sneaking in tonight.

Jaime's Personal Journal: Entry 07[edit | edit source]


The Raiders told spook stories about zombies in the ruins. Never saw anything like that where I come from, but Lord help me, they're real. Not quite what Thor said, but close. These things look... I think they really used to be people.

Jaime's Personal Journal: Entry 08[edit | edit source]


God help me. I found Dad today... I didn't think it was him, but... the face. The zombies didn't touch him. I think… he was becoming like them. Didn't know it was him until I found that old book near him. No more killing. I just need to go. Can't forget the book. All I have left of him. It's warm against the stone. I'll just rest a while...

Jaime's Personal Journal: Entry 09[edit | edit source]


Sharp knife. Sharp knife to send him to deep temple. Flay and say my words. Abdul comes again, on the feast of the weaker. Feast for the Deep Temple. Born again, here. Alhazzared G’yeth G’yeth.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]