Jane Myers

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Mentioned-only character
Jane Myers
Biography and appearance
AffiliationVault 95
Mentioned inFallout 4

Jane Myers was a recovering addict and the Overseer elect of Vault 95 in 2082.


One of the original vault dwellers Jane Myers was a recovering addict. She, like the entire populace of the vault, were grateful for the change to start over.[1] She was elected – for a single year's term – on October 30th based on awarded merit points as laid out in the Vault-Tec Rehabilitation Program guidelines. As Overseer she was chosen to run the daily meetings and ensure the other residents adhere to the rules. Unlike most other Vaults her position was considered one of support and servitude. Infractions were dealt with using positive reinforcement and encouragement; together they they shared the same path and were as a family. As Overseer and she should not prevent a resident from continuing their own personal journey.[2][3]

She was Overseer when Vault-Tec's experiment went into effect. On October 23rd, 2082, the hidden chems were secretly unveiled by R. Guttierrez – an undercover Vault-Tec employee posing as a fellow addict.[4][5] Soon after the stash of drugs was found the Vault fell into chaos, with fighting and killing breaking out as the rest of the inhabitants succumbed to their former addictions.[6][7][8]


Jane Myers is mentioned only in Fallout 4.