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John Adlam

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For other characters in the Fallout universe named John, see John.
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John Adlam
John Adlam.jpg
Biography and appearance
LocationHerzog Mine
FamilyJoseph Adlam (father)
Richard Adlam (brother)
Dialogue FileJohn Adlam's dialogue
Base ID00000000Ref ID00000000
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Ok Ok...I'll do it. Just point that thing somewhere else. ...My name is John Adlam, son of Joseph Adlam, and brother of Richard Adlam. Two days ago I was caught stealing from the groups' claim. Today, with the consent of my father, I am to be shot and killed on the cliffs of the old cathedral by the hands of my brother, Richard. With my execution, my punishment is exacted and the Adlam name will be avenged. Let my punishment be a reminder to those who may be tempted to do as I did.

— Smuggler's confession

John Adlam was a smuggler in Point Lookout in 2277.


John Adlam was caught stealing from a smuggler's claim and was killed, with the consent of his father Joseph, by his brother Richard Adlam.


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Leather armor
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Carried items
Smuggler's confession
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Drops on death


John Adlam appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.