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Jon Adiglio

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Mentioned-only character
Jon Adiglio
Biography and appearance
AffiliationVault 92
RoleVault dweller (term)
FamilyUnnamed Wife and Children
Mentioned inFallout 3

If anyone finds this note, let my family know I didn't go crazy like the rest of this place. Let them know that I died with dignity; when and where I decided. There's no way I'm going to let the crazies tear me apart. I can't die like that. To my wife and kids, I love all of you.

Jon Adiglio was one of the last few citizens of Vault 92 left alive and sane.


Instead of fighting in the corridors, Adiglio locked himself in a closet and hid. While there, he wrote a note to his wife and children telling them that he had died with dignity and not gone insane. He then killed himself with a laser pistol.[1]


His skeletal corpse appears in Fallout 3.