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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see an attractive young woman.}
{101}{}{You see a bath attendant.}
{102}{}{You see one of Big Nose Sally’s girls.}
{103}{}{You see a bored looking woman.}
{104}{}{You see a woman checking you out.}
{105}{}{You’re being mentally undressed by this woman.}
{106}{}{You see a young woman.}

{110}{}{That was quick.}
{111}{}{Been a long time, honey?}
{112}{}{Maybe it will last longer next time.}
{113}{}{It’s not a race, you know.}
{114}{}{Do your friends call you ‘Speedy’?}
{115}{}{If all my customers were that quick, I could go home early.}
{116}{}{It’s more fun if you wait ‘til I help you.}
{117}{}{If you waited until I undressed, I bet you’d like it more.}

{120}{}{That was real nice. You’re a real man, all right.}
{121}{}{That was special. You’re wonderful. Next!}
{122}{}{Oh yeah, baby, never had it like that before. (yawn)}
{123}{}{You’re the best. Come back soon.}
{124}{}{I’m sure you’ll make some tribal gal very happy.}
{125}{}{No, honey, size doesn’t matter at all. That was nice.}
{126}{}{Aren’t you just a hunk o’ hunk o’ burnin’ love.}
{127}{}{What a cute little feller you got there.}

{130}{}{Size does matter! Sweet mystery of life…. }
{131}{}{I’m putting in for overtime next time you come around.}
{132}{}{You sure get your money’s worth.}
{133}{}{I’m taking the rest of the day off.}
{134}{}{Wow! Did the earth move for you, too?}
{135}{}{Now I know what Catherine the Great felt like.}

{140}{}{Well, a buck’s a buck, I guess.}
{141}{}{That was, uh, different, I guess.}
{142}{}{That was real special. Next!}
{143}{}{No, you can’t use my perfume.}
{144}{}{Well, at least your mustache is smaller than most of my customers'.}
{145}{}{You’re sure you’re a gal?}

{150}{}{That was kinda nice.}
{151}{}{That was different, but not a bad different.}
{152}{}{I think I’d like to try that again sometime.}
{153}{}{We should do that off-the-clock sometime.}
{154}{}{That was sweet, sugar.}
{155}{}{Wow! My life’s going to be a lot different from here on in.}
{156}{}{I didn’t know it could be like that.}

{160}{}{You should go talk to Big Nose Sally.}
{161}{}{Aren’t you a cutey?}
{162}{}{Love you long-time!}
{163}{}{Come up and see me sometime.}
{164}{}{You know how to whistle, doncha?}
{165}{}{I used to be pure as snow, but then I drifted.}
{166}{}{(Wolf whistles)}
{167}{}{Hey there, tiger.}
{168}{}{Hey, baaaaaby...}
{169}{}{Go talk to Sally if you want some action.}
{170}{}{Scrub a-dub-dub...}
{171}{}{Looks like you could use a wash.}
{172}{}{Oh, a tribal; I just love exotics.}
{173}{}{I don’t usually do tribals.}
{174}{}{Like what you see, baby?}
{175}{}{You want me?}
{176}{}{Gotta pay to play, sugar.}