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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see Kyle.}
{101}{}{You see a Knight.}
{102}{}{Ahh...So you're the one, huh?}
{104}{}{Well, who are you?}
{105}{}{Nothing. It's just that no one has ever made it back from the Ancient Order.}
{106}{}{What do you do here?}
{107}{}{What? Then why did they send me down there?}
{108}{}{It was difficult, but not impossible.}
{109}{}{Heh, heh. I guess they just wanted to get rid of ya, huh? Well, the jokes on them.}
{110}{}{Yeah. Say, what do you do here?}
{111}{}{Well, the only reason I joined was to get some power armor.}
{112}{}{Screw all you guys. I'm leaving.}
{113}{}{I fix stuff, run maintenance checks, that sort of crap.}
{114}{}{Could you fix a water chip?}
{115}{}{What kind of "stuff"?}
{116}{}{That sounds like a real good time. I'll see ya later.}
{117}{}{Power armor and anything else that needs fixin'.}
{118}{}{How can I get my hands on some power armor?}
{119}{}{I'd give ya this power armor right here, but it's missing it's Systolic Motivator. It's useless without it.}
{120}{}{Where could someone get one of those?}
{121}{}{Well, thanks anyway.}
{122}{}{Well, they've got more than enough up in the supply room, but Michael and his damn forms say that this particular suit isn't up to specs. Damn bureaucrats.}
{123}{}{What do you mean, not up to specs?}
{124}{}{So if I brought you a Systolic Motivator, would you fix it for me?}
{125}{}{You see this eye-piece right here? I had to re-solder it in place, and it don't look as pretty as it needs to for inspection, I guess.}
{126}{}{You're right. That looks like crap. I wouldn't be caught dead in that power armor.}
{127}{}{Get the hell out of here, buddy.}
{128}{}{Whoa, wait a minute there, fella, that would take a good coupla hours. I'd loan you a manual and my tools, but you'd hafta repair it yourself.}
{129}{}{Well, besides Michael, where else could I get one?}
{130}{}{That's fair. I'll be back.}
{131}{}{Heh, well, Rhombus has a couple of 'em. I wouldn't ask him for one, though. Only "the Honored" are supposed to wear these here power suits. Besides, I think he has an unnatural attachment to them.}
{132}{}{Hmm. Okay, thanks a lot.}
{133}{}{I don't think so. Don't even know what one is.}
{134}{}{Thanks anyway.}
{135}{}{What kind of weak mechanic are you, can't even fix a water chip?}
{136}{}{How can I get some power armor without studying for a hundred years?}
{137}{}{The moniker's Kyle. I've never met a myth before.}
{138}{}{What's that supposed to mean?}
{139}{}{What do you do here?}
{140}{}{Neither have I. I'll see you around.}
{141}{}{To hear Maxson's stories you'd think it was the ninth level of hell.}
{142}{}{Maxson? General Maxson?}
{143}{}{Not General Maxson, his grandfather, Roger Maxson. I heard you brought back a disk that told what happened to the guys who rebelled against him and went down there to recover the lost technology.}
{144}{}{Yeah, I guess I did. I'm }
{145}{}{, who're you?}
{146}{}{I'd rather not talk about it.}
{147}{}{Yeah, lousy bastards. I can't believe they sent you down there like that.}
{148}{}{And all they gave me for my trouble was a handful of ammo!}
{149}{}{Hey, initiate, got anything for me?}
{150}{}{No, I told them you sent me and he wouldn't give me the part.}
{151}{}{No I haven't even looked into it yet.}
{152}{}{No luck yet.}
{153}{}{No shit. And here I thought you was smart. I told ya that guy had official forms for brains.}
{154}{}{Watch who you call an idiot.}
{155}{}{I was just tryin' to talk it out of Michael.}
{156}{}{What can I do if Michael won't give it to me.}
{157}{}{I'm going.}
{158}{}{Wella... I got to give you credit for that. But I think you blew your chances with getting it from the supply room. You'll just have to find another way to get it. Or find yourself Power Armor somewares else.}
{159}{}{OK, see you later.}
{160}{}{Where else can I dig one up?}
{161}{}{Good luck.}
{162}{}{Get lost, I'm busy.}
{163}{}{Hello, were you able to get that part?}
{164}{}{Yes. Here it is.}
{165}{}{Yes, but I think I'll hold on to it a little while.}
{166}{}{Great! Here just let me install this into the unit.}
{167}{}{OK you're all set to go. Here take this manual. If you have any kind of aptitude with repairing things you should have no problem. Good Luck.}
{168}{}{After all that? Okay, just let me know when you want me to put it in. Then you can get started on repairing it.}
{169}{}{Well, I don't know what to tell you. I guess you need to polish up your repair skills a little. I'll keep the unit here for ya.}
{170}{}{Ok. Thank you. Good bye.}
{171}{}{Hello agin. Can I help you?}