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Kendyll Sims

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Kendyll Sims
F76 Kendyll Sims.png
Biography and appearance
AffiliationFree States
LocationDyer Chemical
Editor IDSFL02_Track_KendyllCorpse

Kendyll Sims was one of the most capable sharpshooters in Harpers Ferry, even before the Free States returned to the town in the wake of Great War. Earning the grudging respect of the Free States,[1] she joined Duncan McKann as a hunter. She accompanied him on the doomed expedition when McKann took them to track down ghouls from the Valley Galleria. Increasingly spooked by the fact that he had them track down living, breathing humans, only changed by radiation, she finally turned her gun on him when they tracked Lucy Harwick and Sara Samir down beneath Dyer Chemical. McKann promptly shot her, as nothing could stand in the way of his vengeance.[2]


Kendyll Sims appears only in Fallout 76.