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Kerwood Mine terminals

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This page lists Kerwood Mine terminals.

Foreman's Terminal

text= Header
Welcome text

Kerwood Mine - Foreman


Welcome, Foreman <USER NOT FOUND>!

Please select a menu entry:

Foreman's Log

Welcome text

Kerwood Mine - Foreman


Welcome, Foreman <SAM BAILEY>!

Please select a log entry to view:

Entry 1


[Log Recorded: August 15, 2077]

Started this job at a bad time. This mine has seen better days. She's barely holding together and coal demand keeps going up for the war effort. Our guys are working around the clock and they're looking rough. Hell, me too. I guess we should feel lucky that we haven't been replaced by those damned robots yet.

Heard rumors that AMS wants to detonate a chain of nuclear blasts in the local mine system to speed up production. What a horrible idea. But nobody gives a damn what I have to say.

I need a drink.

Entry 2


[Log Recorded: September 2, 2077]

Another horrible crisis narrowly averted, no thanks to our local idiot fire boss. I tried to get him canned again today, but the "powers that be" informed me that Roy Kerwood is untouchable. I'll give you two guesses why.

The kid thinks he runs shit around here. This month he started blatantly taking cash from the safe. I had to lock it up so tight the Silver Shroud wouldn't be able to get in.

I'm thankful to have a job in this economy, but let's face it - I'm not getting any younger. Some days I can't shake the feeling that I'll live out the last of my days in this place. And that would terrify me if I didn't think of the alternative.

Entry 3


[Log Recorded: October 17, 2077]

DAMMIT! It hit the fan over here and I have better things to do. But they say they want a log entry for "insurance purposes". What a crock of shit.

As predicted, AMS really screwed us with that chained detonation last week. The whole mine shook. About half the tunnels collapsed along with the main lift shaft. 17 men died immediately. Maybe more. Haven't recovered all the bodies yet.

It knocked out the dewatering system and breached into a nearby mine, completely flooding the lower network. The water is irradiated from the detonation so swimming through it for a rescue operation is off the table.

32 men are trapped down there. The structure engineer has no clue what to do. We broke a hole through the locker room into an old shaft but that's flooded too. Don't know what to do next but we better come up with something fast.

There's my log. I hope they know where they can stick it.

Entry 4


[Log Recorded: November 6, 2077]

The world is over. The trapped miners are dead. Hell, everybody's dead. It's cold outside. The bombs hit last month and... I have nowhere to go.

I have 7 boxes of food, a gun with two bullets, and a bottle of whiskey. In the end I'll use all of them. Probably not in that order though.

I don't even know why I'm writing this. Bored, I guess. The generators are holding, for now. But I hear all kinds of noises from the flooded part of the mine. I know it's impossible, but it sounds like screams. Horrified screams that haunt my nightmares.

If anybody ever reads this, I hope the world isn't as fucked as it seems. If it is, I feel sorry for you.