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King Cola's Court

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King Cola's Court English EDIT


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Nuka-World unmarked location King Cola's Court KingColaCourt-NukaWorld Icon unmarked Site part of King Cola's Castle External links owners Nuka-Cola Corporation (formerly) leaders Oswald the Outrageous Other actors creatures Painted ghouls Other quests The Grand Tour A Magical Kingdom Technical cell name DLC04KiddieKingdomTheater01 ref id xx02b99d terminal entries Oswald's terminal Maps

The King Cola's Court is a location in the Nuka-World Amusement Park in 2287.

Contents[hide] Background Layout Notable loot Appearances Gallery BackgroundEdit King Cola's Court is where Oswald the Outrageous worked with his girlfriend and their friends. It had a kid's show that included a magic act provided by Oswald.

LayoutEdit The entrances to King Cola's Court are the theater main entrance and behind the King Cola's Castle Tower. There are restrooms to the right of a concession counters. The theater room is behind the concession counters. The stage is there inside the theater. Backstage there are two dressing rooms, stairs that lead to the 2nd floor of the stage area and an elevator that takes the player character to the top of King Cola's Court. The sound room is located on the 2nd floor; take the hallway to the other side of the theater past the storage room. The top of King Cola's court is where the player will confront Oswald the Outrageous and make the decision on how to handle him. Therein is Oswald's terminal that requires Oswald's password, a cooking stove, a chemistry station and numerous radiation barrels. After confronting Oswald, there is a door that leads outside to the signal flagpole. The player character can unchain the other door by exploring the outside area. Notable lootEdit Nuka-Berry recipe book - Behind the stage, in the right dressing room, sitting on a desk. 3 Nuka-Cola lunchboxes: 1st located in the right dressing room. 2nd is located in the north-western corner of the large backstage room. 3rd located in the sound room. Overdue book - On a dresser, 2nd floor of stage. Nuka-Cade ticket roll (between 750 and 1000) - In the sound room. 2 Day Trippers - In a skeleton's hand in a stall in the ladies room; the adjacent stall has another skeleton with pre-War money, possibly suggesting a drug deal. Sword of Wonders - Obtained after confronting Oswald the Outrageous. Oswald's tophat - Obtained after confronting Oswald. Oswald's password - Obtained after confronting Oswald. Gives access to his terminal. Kiddie Kingdom roof key - Obtained after confronting Oswald. AppearancesEdit King Cola's Court only appears in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.

GalleryEdit FO4NW King Cola's Court Entrance KingColaCourt-ControlRoom-NukaWorld Control room KingColaCourt-Concession-NukaWorld Concession area KingColaCourt-Backstage-NukaWorld Dressing room Nuka-Berry recipe loc Nuka-Berry recipe KingColaCourt-Theatre-NukaWorld Theater KingColaCourt-Backstage2-NukaWorld Backstage area