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Kyle the Hook dialogue file

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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{c255}Holy shit, what brahmin pinched {i}you{} out its ass? Hey Bear, here's some loser's uglier than you. HA! I crack myself up... Hey, if you're lookin' to trade, follow yer nose to Sid over there, he handles that shit. If' you're lookin' for a mate, I'd suggest findin' a gecko, 'cause no human's gonna touch ya. Now, don't bother Kyle the Hook again, unless ya want a slug 'tween yer eyes.
{c255}Who the fuck are ya and why ya talkin' to Kyle the Hook?
{c16711680}Uh, yeah... So, Sid told me you're the leader of the Rusty Hooks. I've some questions about you and your gang.
{c16711680}Me no have sex with bear, me want ask questions. Sid said you leader, you know stuff.
{c16711680}Me . Me ask questions.
{c16711680} I'm . I'd like to ask you some questions.
{c16711680}Me no think sex with gecko or mutant good. Me like better pulling your lungs through nose. Me think that more fun.
{c16711680}Have sex with a gecko or super mutant? Hmmm... How about I just punch your nose into the back of your skull, instead?
{c255}Sid said that, did he? I'll have to have a talk with that slop talkin' hag-shit. Look, I ain't got time for your dumb questions. Go bother Bear or big-mouth Sid with shit like that - both those numb-nuts love answerin' questions. Now fuck off, I'm a busy man!
{c16711680}I think you might want to answer my questions ? I know about Bear's heart bomb, Kyle.
{c16711680}You know what? I don't like your attitude. I think you require a permanent adjustment.{ic255}You don' wanna have sex with a gecko or super mutant{}? HA! Judgin' by how stupid an' ugly ya are, I'd say your momma was a gecko and your pappa was a super mutant. Now get the fuck outta my face, you ugly dipshit. I ain't got time to answer none of your stupid-ass questions. And as for Sid, I think I'll have a little talk with him later. Now fuck off!
{c16711680}You got nasty poo-poo mouth. Me clean your poo-poo mouth!
{c255}WHAT?! How the fuck did you find out about that? Did Sid tell you? I'll kill that old waste-billy... And as for {b}you{}, I suggest ya leave this place faster than ya got here before me and the Hooks use ya for target practice!
{c16711680}Kinda tough to hit a target that hits back. Time to die!
{c255}, is it? Dumb name for a dumb fuck. Look, Kyle the Hook ain't got time to answer questions from a shit-brain like you. If ya insist on waistin' time askin' questions, then go to Bear. He's that dumb lookin' super mutant over there. You probably won't understand a fuckin' word he's sayin' since he likes to make up stupid words, but that shouldn't bother ya none ? ya probably don't understand what I'm tellin' ya now. Now {i}git{} before I get nasty.
{c255}And I'd like to bash you in the skull with a bag of brahmin nuts. Look, Kyle the Hook's too busy to answer dipshit questions from a wanderin' waste-billy. Go waste Bear's time with this shit ? he's the dumb lookin' super mutant over there. Now get the fuck outta my face.GAME SLOT
{c255}You again? What part of {i}fuck off{} don't ya get? I got an itchy trigger finger and your head looks like a prime target. Now get the fuck away from me before I lose it!
{c255}Not you again. What is it, you not understandin' the phrase,{i} FUCK OFF{}? I'm through bein' nice, ya slow sack of slug shit. Ya got one minute to clear out before me and the gang start shootin'. Now git!