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This page lists Landview Lighthouse terminals.

Lighthouse Keeper's Terminal[edit | edit source]

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Landview Lighthouse - Lighthouse Keeper


Tourism Guide - History[edit | edit source]


Tourism Guide - History

Welcome to Landview Lighthouse, the most unusual lighthouse in Appalachia! Nestled in the mountains west of Morgantown, Landview Lighthouse offers a beautiful, 360 degree view of the surrounding area from its gallery deck.

The origins of this landlocked lighthouse are as unusual as the lighthouse itself. Originally conceived as a theoretical concept by engineering students from Morgantown, the concept was ruthlessly mocked by students from a rival university. On a dare the students decided to make the project a reality, and its construction became a point of pride for everyone involved.

The project soon took on a life of its own. Overcoming many obstacles, the lighthouse was eventually erected in October of 2036. It was dedicated to Donald and Shirley Jamieson, the two professors who helped spearhead the project from the very beginning.

Now retired, the Jamiesons live in the nearby house where they serve as lighthouse keepers full-time, keeping it functional solely on donation money from visitors.

Tourism Guide - Construction[edit | edit source]


Tourism Guide - Construction

Before construction began, over a year was spent consulting with the lighthouse enthusiast community for general tips, guidelines, and pitfalls to avoid. From these conversations it became clear that it couldn't come across as just another "tourist trap" that you see on golf courses and at theme parks.

It was determined that the lighthouse had to serve as a true aid to navigation, with a working light and authentic architectural design. It had to have an operating beacon and a 360 degree gallery deck for observation. In other words, if they were going to do it, they had to do it right!

Three years later, the completed lighthouse was opened to the public. Tourists from all over flocked to the curious structure, and raved about the beautiful view of the landscape it provided from atop the trees.

Future students continued to develop the landscape over the years - by building a lighthouse keeper's house, a picnic pavilion, and general reforestation to recover from previous timber harvests of the surrounding area.

Tourism Guide - Viewing Information[edit | edit source]


Tourism Guide - Viewing Information

Landview Lighthouse is a 102 foot tall structure thousands of feet above sea level, with 76 steps to climb for visitors to reach the stunning 360 degree gallery deck. The second tier lamp room features a rotational beacon capable of projecting a beam for over 25 miles.

Guests on the 360 degree gallery deck can enjoy unrivaled views of various landmarks in all directions:

Beyond the mountain to the north is Grafton, a major shipping hub and railroad intersection for the area.

To the east is Morgantown, home of Vault-Tec University and the founders of this very lighthouse! In the distance is the "Top of the World" located at Pleasant Valley Ski Resort, featuring the highest elevation in the region.

Looking south, it's impossible to miss the stunning New River Gorge Bridge, one of the longest bridges in Appalachia. On a clear day, the unmistakable silhouettes of the luxury mega mansions in Bramwell can also be spotted.

The landmarks that can be viewed from the 360 degree gallery deck are too numerous to mention. Under the right weather conditions, guests have a spectacular view of the entire region!