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Language of the Sorrows

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The Sorrows speak a unique version of Spanish, developed in isolation from the outside world. What follows is a rough glossary of phrases used by the tribe.


Normal conversation

Phrase Pronunciation Translation Circumstance
Holadu, Tsagasee. oh-LAH-doo, Sah-GAH-see Hello, outsider Greeting
Holadu, Na'ne. oh-LAH-doo, Nah-NAY Hello, person
Katu Veo. Nayoo? KAH-too Bee-oo. Nah-YOO? I sense you. What's up?
Deha ruido! DAY-ha roo-WE-do Stop such noise! Player fires weapon
No discarge armoos! no dis-CAR-gay AR-moose Do not fire weapons!
Me no heranu a katu. may no err-RA-hu ah KAH-tu I have not harmed you. Player aims at tribal
Baje ka armoo. BAH-jay KAH AR-moo Lower your weapon.
Ke cosa estee-na? Kay KO-sa ES-tee nah? What is that thing? Player lays mine
Por ke katu pongwa estee? Por kay KAH-tu PONE-gwaa ES-tee Why are you putting there?
Coriendoo! cor-ee-EN-doo Run! Player throws grenade
Grenahoo! gra-NAH-hoo! Grenade!
Grasas, na'ne. GRAH-sahs nah-NAY Thank you, friend. Thanks


Phrase Pronunciation Translation Circumstance
Paz patasooba. PAHZ pah-tah-soo-ba In peace, go Accepts yield
Ayud me! AY-ood may Help me! Attacked
Wa golpe me! Wah GOAL-peh may I've been hit!
Wa ataco me! Wah ah-tah-CO may! I've been attacked!
Akee! AH-kee! Here! Attacks
Tunnoo estee! too-noo ES-tee! Take this!
Uweka muerna! oo-WAY-kah moo-WEAR-nah! Fall down and die!
Cuidaloo! kwee-DAH-loo! Look out! Avoids threat
Katu mirana! KAH-too meer-AH-nah Watch out!
Nona! Ud muerna! NO-na! OOHD[rhymes with "dude"] moo-WEAR-nah! Oh no! He's dead! Reaction to death
Ud matanna mes! OOHD[rhymes with "dude"] mah-TAH-na mays! He's killing us!
Infiernoo akee! en-fee-AIR-noo AH-kee! Fire in the hole! Throws explosive
Tunno granahoo! TOO-noo grah-NAH-hoo Take this grenade!
No matanna me! no mah-TAH-na may Don't kill me! Flees
Me no kaade muerna! may no KAH-day moo-WEAR-nah! I don't want to die!
Me no kaade akee! may no KAH-day AH-kee I'm out of here!
Katu no kaade akee. KAH-too no KAH-day AH-kee You aren't wanted here. Player trespasses
Mueba, Tsagasee. moo-AY-bah, Sah-GAH-see Move along, outsider.
Katu matanna ud! KAH-too mah-TAH-na OOHD[rhymes with "dude" You killed him! Player killed a friendly NPC
Asekene! ah-seh-KEY-nay! Murderer!
Nona! Asekenoo-na! NO-nah! Ah-seh-KEY-noo-na! Oh no! A murder!
Powee desafortuba... poe-ee day-sa-for-TOO-b Such misfortune Player killed another NPC, but wasn't registered as a criminal
Wa no beunu por katus. Wah no BWAY-noo por KAH-toos It's not good for them.
Wa muerna yegwi cuado wa kaade. Wah moo-WEAR-nah YAY-gwee QUA-do wa KAH-day Death comes when it wants.
Ponedo lawatba! poh-NEE-do la-WAHT-ba! Rotten thief! Player caught stealing
Katu! Pongwa de nuevu! KAH-too! PONE-gwaa day noo-AY-bu You, put that back!
Wa desafortuba yegwi a lawatba. Wah day-sa-for-TOO-ba YAY-gwee ah la-WAHT-ba! Misfortune comes to a thief.


Phrase Pronunciation Translation Circumstance
Ke estee-na? Kay ES-tee nah? What was that? Idle, alert
Me escuchu algue-na? may es-COO-choo AHL-gay-na Did I hear something?
Ke ruido estee-na? kay roo-WE-do ES-tee-na What's that noise?
Ayee katu! ay-YEE KAH-too There you are! Alert to combat
Me sabaloo estee! may sa-BA-loo ES-tee I knew it!
Holadu! ho-LAH-doo Hello!
Me suenoo-na? may soo-WAY-noo-na Did I imagine that? Alert to normal
Wa nana, me supongoo. wah NAH-na, may su-PON-goo. I guess it was nothing.
Escuchu nana, me supongoo. es-COO-choo NAH-na, may su-PON-goo. I guess I'm hearing things.
Adone patasooba? ah-DOE-nay pa-ta-SOO-ba Where did you go? Lost track of target
Katu veo e luchoo! KAH-too BAY-oh ee LOO-choo Show yourself and fight!
Cobar'e! Deha coriendoo! ko-BAR-ee! DAY-hah cor-ee-EN-doo! Coward! Stop running!
Si, coriendoo! see, cor-ee-EN-doo! That's right, run away. Combat to normal
Cobar'e. Wa fortuba me no matanna katu. ko-BAR-ee. Wah for-TOO-ba may no ma-TAH-na KAH-tu Coward. Lucky I didn't kill you.
Si, me meja ke katu. see, may MAY-ja kay KAH-tu Yes, I'm better than you.
Katu no n'veo de me! KAH-tu no nih-BAY-oh day may You can't hide from me. Lost target, idle
Me olfale katu! may ol-FA-lay KAH-tu I can smell you...
Me val a discube katu. may BAHL ah dis-COO-bay KAH-tu I will find you.
Discube katu! dis-COO-bay KAH-tu Found you! Lost to combat
Akee yegwi! AH-kee YAY-gwee! Here it comes!
Estee val a duela a katu! ES-tee bahl ah doo-WAY-la ah KAH-tu This will hurt you!
Baste veoo. Uds pasane. BAH-stay BAY-oo. oods pa-SAH-nay Enough looking. They're gone. Lost to normal behaviour
Me perdilo a uds. may per-DEE-lo ah oods I lost them.
Wa atendu? Uds pasane. wa ah-TEN-doo? oods pa-SAH-nay Who cares? They're gone.
Wa algues ayee? wa AHL-gays ay-YEE Is someone there? Normal to alert behaviour
Ke estee-na? Kay ES-tee nah? What was that?
Uweka duerme! oo-WAY-ka doo-WEAR-may Go to sleep now! Normal to combat
Muerna yegwi a katu! moo-WEAR-nah YAY-gwee ah KAH-tu Death comes for you!
Me ka asekene! may kah ah-seh-KEY-nay! I am your killer!
Momewi de luchoo! mo-MAY-we day LOO-choo Time to fight! Starts combat
Mes luchoo ahorla! mays LOO-choo ah-OR-la We fight now!
Me derote katu! may duh-ROW-tay KAH-tu I will defeat you!


Phrase Pronunciation Translation Circumstance
Estee no luchoo mela! ES-tee no LOO-choo MAY-la That's not my fight Observes combat
Me no kaade partu estee. may no KAH-day PAR-too ES-tee I want no part of that.