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Language of the White Legs

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The White Legs speak an unique version of English and an unknown language, developed in isolation from the outside world. What follows is a rough glossary of phrases used by the tribe.

Normal conversation

Phrase Pronunciation Translation Circumstance
Do'an poin aiti ay me! doan poin AI-tee Ai Mee! Don't point weapons at me. Player aims at tribal
Subai thah, tsahh. SOO-bye thaah, saah Stop that please
Grenah! GREE-nah! Grenade! Player throws grenade
Boomb! BOO-mb Bomb!


Phrase Pronunciation Translation Circumstance
Maiku. MY-koo okay. Accepts yield
Ahm naaiyawi wichoo! ahm nie-YAW-wee WIH-choo I'm playing with you! Attacks
Deyai-yoo! deh-YAI, you! Die, you!
Yoocan no nikumpa me! YOO-can no ni-KUM-pah mee You can't fight me!
Shits! Shit Shit! Avoids threat
Bai-thah! bye thaah! Look out!
Yoo murdah my hainji! yoo MUR-dah my HAIN-gee You killed my friend! Reaction to death
No! Net yoo! No! Nee-t you! No! Not you!
Tek thees! tech theese Take this! Throws explosive
Kuna-boomb! COO-nah boomb! Fire bomb!
Baika-ker! Bye-KAH kur Killer! Reaction to murder
Devil! Devil!


Phrase Pronunciation Translation Circumstance
Haganai yoo? hah-GAH-nie yoo Where are you? Idle, alert
Ahm stih bui-neeking... ahm stih bwee-NEE-keen I'm still searching...
Ahn yoo here stih? ahn yoo heer stih Are you heres still?
Shoah! Look! Alert to combat
Shih finn deh deer! I found you!
Hah go! Come here!
Huh. Ne gaihinnim nuh guy-HIN-nim Huh. Nothing. Alert to normal
Gaihaiwai. guy-HIGH-why Gone.
Whar d'yoo go? Whar deh-yoo go? Where'd you go? Lost track of target
Gaihaiwai! guy-HIGH-why Just disappeared!
Ah doan'se hem! ah DOAN-seh hem I don't see him!
Baika-good, fren! BYE-kah-GOOD, frehn! Good kill, my friend. Combat to normal
Ahm sunhai tihda! ahm SUN-high WITH-dah I'm lucky today!
Tsaande-job! SAHN-day-job! Good work/job!
Ahm nananga yoo. ahm na-NAN-ga yoo I am listening... Lost target, idle
Mabe yoo gaihaiwa? MAY-buh yoo guy-HIGH-why Maybe you're gone.
Haganai yoo? hah-GAH-nie yoo Where are you?
Nokihn run, yoo! NO-kihn run, you No, you can't run! Lost to combat
Thah no! Thaah no! That's it!
Deyai-yoo, maikku! deh-YAI, you MAY-koo! You die, now!
Ahm matenka look. ahm ma-TANE-ka look I am done searching. Lost to normal behaviour
Ah no see gaihinnim. Ah no see guy-HIN-neem I don't see anything.
Eno. EE-no Enough.
Ah heer sumning. Ah heer SUM-ning I hear something. Normal to alert behaviour
Hagai? Hah-GAI What?
Ahm mane look. ahm MAH-nay look I'm taking a look.
Your deyaipe! yore day-YIGH-pay You're dead! Normal to combat
Baika-dems! BYE-ka dems Kill them!
Nikkumpa! nee-KUM-pah Attack!
Deyai-yoo, devil! deh-YA- you Die, Devil! Starts combat
Wes run! Wez run Let's run!
Nikumpa me! ni-KUM-pah mee Fight me!


Phrase Pronunciation Translation Circumstance
Yoocan no nikumpa me! YOO-can no ni-KUM-pah mee You can't fight me! Head during conversation with Salt-Upon-Wounds
Kuna-man COO-nah man Burned man
Kale watcha nei conserva oh! Unknown Spoken by Joshua Graham to Salt-Upon-Wounds


  • A few dialog lines are shared with the Dead Horses language, whether this was done on purpose or was just an oversight is unknown.
  • The line spoken by Joshua Graham to Salt-Upon-Wounds has yet to be translated, and Joshua Sawyer, when asked on formspring, refused to translate it.[1]