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Left My Heart
Left My Heart.jpg
Quest data
LocationCottonwood Cove
Given ByFrank Weathers
Mrs. Weathers
  • If talked to Frank Weathers first: 1000 XP, 50 caps, good Karma
  • Discovering the family yourself: 300 XP, 50 caps, good Karma
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Left My Heart is a side quest in Fallout: New Vegas.



The family of Frank Weathers has been taken and enslaved by Caesar's Legion and he needs someone more capable than himself to get them back.


  1. Talk to Frank Weathers at Aerotech Office Park or any of the Weathers in the Cottonwood Cove slave pen.
  2. Talk to Canyon Runner at Cottonwood Cove. The key to the cage containing the Weathers can be bought with 300 caps, or 150 caps with a Speech of 50. Alternatively, kill all of the legionnaires in Cottonwood Cove and free the Weathers, using an Explosives check of 50 to disarm their collars.
  3. Talk to one of the Weathers and set them free.
  4. Return to Frank Weathers with news of his family.

Quest stages

1Quest finishedFree the Weathers from slavery.


  • If you attempt this quest after you complete Ring-a-Ding-Ding!, you will be unable to advance the dialog with Canyon Runner until you accept Caesar's first task in Render Unto Caesar. He will only tell you to go to the dock to take the ferry.
  • If you have negative or mixed reputation with the NCR (like Wild Child or Soft-Hearted Devil) Frank Weathers will attack you and you can't get the quest from him.