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Liberty Reprimed

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Liberty Reprimed
Liberty Reprimed.gif
Quest data
LocationBoston Airport
Diamond City
Back Alley Bowling
The Institute
Sentinel site Prescott
Given ByProctor Ingram
T-60 medic pump
Editor IDBoS301
Base ID000ae51c
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leads to:
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Liberty Reprimed is a quest that can be obtained in the Commonwealth in Fallout 4.


The Brotherhood of Steel are ready to show their full hand, and it is a devastating one. However, time is not on their side, and the Sole Survivor will need to help with preparations into the reconstruction of Liberty Prime.


  1. Returning the Proctor Ingram, it is revealed that the BoS is in the process of restoring their greatest war machine, known as Liberty Prime, which was destroyed during their war with the Enclave back in the Capital Wasteland. With or without Doctor Madison Li's help, the reconstruction process will require a lot of work, and the Sole Survivor will be necessary in getting this work done.

Plan A

This plan will occur only should the Sole Survivor have failed to convince Doctor Li to rejoin the BoS on the Liberty Prime reconstruction project.

  1. Proctor Ingram will send the Sole Survivor off to track down a Professor Scara, and hand over a cerebrofusion adaptor in order to convince the good professor to join the BoS and their exploits. The professor will need to be tracked down to Diamond City, specifically, in which her associate, Doctor Duff, will relay that she has not seen the good professor in over a week, after she had left for a field expedition.
  2. The field expedition clue will lead the Sole Survivor to the General Atomics galleria, then into the Commonwealth, until finally reaching Back Alley Bowling, in which Professor Scara will be found within, in which she can then be convinced to join the BoS by giving her the adaptor.

Plan B

This plan will occur only should the Sole Survivor have successfully convinced Doctor Li to rejoin the BoS on the Liberty Prime reconstruction project.

  1. Proctor Ingram will ask for the Sole Survivor to speak with Doctor Li on board the Prydwen, as she is just coming out of an interrogation to help determine her true allegiances.
  2. At this point, Li will need very little convincing in order to get her to help work on Liberty Prime, and after concluding the discussion, she will immediately head for the Boston Airport.

Magnets & nukes

  1. Down at the Boston Airport, Ingram will now ask for the Sole Survivor to help her in building electromagnetic actuators, with most of the parts necessary, being stored in the nearby workbench. The sole exception, however, being a high-powered magnet, which needs to be looted from a hospital, or bought from a random merchant at a high price.
  2. After these magnets have been obtained, four electromagnetic actuators will need to be built from the workbench, and then notify Ingram of the success.
  3. The next step will be the outfitting of Liberty Prime with his nuclear bomb packs, in which the Sole Survivor will need to meet with Scribe Haylen at Waypoint Echo, which can be found near the edge of the Glowing Sea. Once there, Haylen will give the Sole Survivor a distress pulser to help pinpoint the location of any nukes that are found.
  4. The nukes will be found at Sentinel site Prescott, which has been heavily infested by feral ghouls, with most of the bulkheads within sealed due to a nuke in its pre-launch phase, still active since before the Great War.
  5. Once the nuke is rendered inactive once again, the bulkheads will unseal, and the Sole Survivor will need to make their way downwards until reaching Brother Henri and his guardian, an assaultron with the designation Atom's Wrath. Either by killing the duo or persuading Henri, the Sole Survivor will finally gain access to the nuke stockpiles, and the distress pulser can be planted for BoS extraction.
  6. Return to Ingram, in which she will award the Sole Survivor with the opportunity to press the switch that powers up Liberty Prime.

Quest stages

Status Stage Description
Speak to Proctor Ingram I've been informed that Proctor Ingram has a special project that requires my immediate assistance.
Follow Proctor Ingram
Speak to Proctor Ingram I've discovered that Proctor Ingram's special project is the reconstruction of Liberty Prime, the Brotherhood of Steel's massive war machine. It looks like it needs a lot of work to get up and running.
Speak to Doctor Li In order to get Liberty Prime's power systems stabilized, Proctor Ingram has asked me to speak to Doctor Li on the Prydwen. Apparently, the thought of working on the huge robot has given her second thoughts.
Speak to Proctor Ingram I was able to convince Doctor Li to work on Liberty Prime without incident. I should inform Proctor Ingram of my progress.
Locate a High-Powered Magnet To assist in the construction of Liberty Prime's limbs, I need to recover a High-Powered Magnet. One of the hospital ruins should have the part that I need.
Construct Electromagnetic Actuators (4/4) Using High-Powered Magnets, I need to build four Electromagnetic Actuators at the airport's workshop.
Speak to Proctor Ingram I've successfully built four Electronic Actuators. I should inform Proctor Ingram of my progress.
Speak to Scribe Haylen Proctor Ingram has ordered me to recover enough Mark 28 Nuclear Bombs to fully arm Liberty Prime. I'm supposed to meet Scribe Haylen at the edge of the Glowing Sea for further instructions.
Locate the Bomb Storage Facility Scribe Haylen has sent me into the Glowing Sea to find a stockpile of Mark 28 Nuclear Bombs. She provided me with a Distress Pulser to signal her when the weapons have been located.
Locate the Mark 28 Nuke Stockpile
Activate the Distress Pulser
Return to Proctor Ingram I've located the stockpile of Mark 28 Nuclear Bombs in Sentinel Site Prescott and signaled Scribe Haylen with the Distress Pulser. I should return to Proctor Ingram to inform her of my progress.
Activate Liberty Prime With Liberty Prime fully complete, all that remains is turning on his power switch for the first time.
Speak to Proctor Ingram With Liberty Prime fully complete, all that remains is turning on his power switch for the first time.
[LOG] Liberty Prime is back online.
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