Live & Love (Fallout 76)

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Live & Love
LiveAndLove LLBF.png
Fabulous 1st Edition: Life Long Best Friends!

Live & Love is a magazine in Fallout 76.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

A pre-War lifestyle magazine, dedicated to the complicated issue of human relationships with the people and robots around them. The magazine gives a temporary team-focused bonus that lasts 30 minutes. Generally, it only applies if you're on a team.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Issue Effect Location
LiveAndLove NTM.png
+5% damage while on a team
LiveAndLove MR.png
-25% damage from robots
LiveAndLove LLBF.png
+10 hit points while on a team
LiveAndLove ER.png
+5% experience while on a team
LiveAndLove AMM.png
+10 damage resistance when on a team
LiveAndLove TTF.png
+50% healing from vegetables and fruits while on a team
LiveAndLove BMH.png
+10 max AP while on a team
LiveAndLove TYS.png
+2 Luck from alcohol
LiveAndLove SC.png
+10 AP regeneration while on a team

Gallery[edit | edit source]