Loose Cannon

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Loose Cannon
Fallout: New Vegas
BenefitsThrown weapons throw rate (rate of fire) +30% faster
PenaltiesThrown weapons have -25% range (velocity)
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Loose Cannon is a trait in Fallout: New Vegas.

Effects[edit | edit source]

From frag grenades to throwing spears, you can throw weapons 30% faster at the cost of 25% less range.

Specifically, your attack speed is increased by 30%, and your Action Point consumption for thrown weapons is reduced by 30% as well, but you lose 25% of thrown weapon velocity, shortening the distance from which you can hit a target. One may compensate for this penalty by taking the Heave, Ho! perk later on. This trait does not affect V.A.T.S in any way (except a reduced AP cost).

Affected weapons[edit | edit source]


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