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Lucky 8-ball

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For the item from Fallout 2, see Magic 8-ball.
Lucky 8-ball
Lucky 8 Ball.png
Icon lucky 8 ball.png
Effects+1 Luck
QuestsBig Trouble in Big Town
Base ID0002edfb

The lucky 8-ball is a unique pool ball in Fallout 3.


It has a weight of 1 and increases Luck stat by 1 point (up to a maximum of 10) as long as it is carried in the inventory. If you drop it (including storing it in a locker in your house) you will "no longer feel lucky," and the Luck bonus will be removed until you pick it up again.

Unlike normal pool balls, it can't be used as Rock-It Launcher ammunition.


The lucky 8-ball can be obtained by healing the injured Timebomb in Big Town (Red's clinic). It will only be given to the player by Timebomb after the super mutant attack is repelled.


  • The effect is not shown in the "Status Effects" section of your Pip-Boy, but you can see the increased stat in the "S.P.E.C.I.A.L." section.
  • The effect counts for perk requirements, such as Better Criticals which requires 6 Luck.
  • Though it no longer serves any purpose, this item is still found in the game files for Fallout: New Vegas.


  • There is a glitch if you are carrying the Lucky 8-ball when you pick up the Bobblehead - Luck. To avoid it, drop the 8-ball then get the bobble head, then pick up the 8-ball.
  • It is possible that the +1 Luck effect will stop working. If this happens, when you put the Lucky 8-ball in your inventory it will display the "Good luck added" message, followed immediately by "You are no longer feeling lucky". One fix is to give it to a companion through dialog, exit the dialog, then take it back through dialog. This will restore the +1 Luck while in your inventory. Simply dropping the ball and picking it back up again can sometimes work also.
  • If you take the Almost Perfect perk while holding the Lucky 8-ball, the game will modify your natural Luck statistic to 8 (+1 for the 8-ball), unless you already have a natural 8, 9, or 10. To prevent this from happening, simply drop the Lucky 8-ball before acquiring the perk.