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Lucy Harwick

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Lucy Harwick
F76 Lucy Harwick.png
Biography and appearance
AffiliationFree States (formerly)
LocationDyer Chemical
QuestsTracking Unknowns
Editor IDSFL02_Track_LucyCorpse

If you're reading this, then you've become one of the Changed. People call you hateful things like "monsters" and "ghouls." The truth is you're no different than they are, they're simply scared of their own possible future. Nature has decided this is what's to become of you, therefore it was meant to be.

Lucy Harwick was an aesthetician (a type of cosmetologist) who lived at Harpers Ferry before the Great War.


She was one of the survivors who stayed at the town after the war and weathered the fallout. When the Free States decided to help rebuild the Ferry, she joined Ella Ames in providing medical services to the beleaguered population. Her limited training as a cosmetologist helped greatly, but by 2080 Ella was still struggling without proper supplies, making her reach out to the Responders for help.[1] Problems for Lucy started with Daniel Whitby, a boy who suffered exposure to radiation and started changing into a ghoul. As Harpers Ferry and the Free Staters were constantly fighting off hordes of ghouls in the aftermath of the war, she hid him away while she looked for a cure. When people found out that he was changing, a wave of hate and paranoia washed over the Ferry, forcing Lucy to flee.[2]

She had to leave Daniel behind, but rather than give in to grief, she started working towards finding a new home for ghouls, or the Changed, as she referred to them. She founded a refuge at the abandoned Valley Galleria, and sent out her friends across Appalachia on a mission of hope, to attract as many ghouls as possible with the promise of a better life.[3] The Galleria was a dream come through, as ferals in the area formed a nice buffer keeping regular humans away, while the sturdy structure protected the furniture and stock of food (mostly junk food) protected. Lucy herself started to ghoulify, which motivated her to seek a way to cure ghoulification. Her resolve was bolstered when Sara Samir and Nari Samir, one a ghoul and the other not, came to the Galleria to help.[4]

However, dark clouds gathered on the horizon, as hunting parties from the Ferry threatened the ghouls. One of these parties, led by Duncan McKann, was a particular threat, as Duncan was waging a one-man war on all ghouls, trying to drown out the memories of losing his family to a pack of ferals. Once he caught scent of the community at the Valley Galleria, he wouldn't let up. Lucy realized the threat and moved to find a new, better hideout for the ghouls. Eventually, she found the perfect spot: The underground section of Dyer Chemical, which was a reinforced location with secure locks that would allow her ghouls to keep everyone safe. Nari Samir blazed the trail, skeptical of Lucy's choice, but not arguing the point, since it'd keep her sister safe.[5]

Although the ghouls moved on from the Galleria, Duncan was hot on their trail. Despite losing two of his hunting party while tracking Lucy's group north of the Galleria, he persisted. Against the doubts of other people in his hunting party, he tracked down Nari and killed her and the ghouls she was escorting to Dyer, leaving Randy Calloway to die.[6] From there, it was only a matter of time until he finally reached Dyer. In the ensuing confrontation, Duncan fought through the robots and ferals and cornered Lucy and Sarah. When Kendyll Sims protested his murder, he promptly shot her, before storming the control room beneath Dyer and killing Lucy and Sara. He sustained mortal injuries in the process and died of gunshot wounds shortly thereafter, content to wash away the memory of his loved ones with the blood of innocent.[7]

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Tracking Unknowns



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Lucy Harwick appears only in Fallout 76.


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