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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see Marcelles.}
{101}{}{You see a tough-looking woman.}
{102}{}{Thank god you're here! Some crazy guy has Sinthia held hostage. He's threatening to kill her! You've got to help.}
{103}{}{Nah, don't bother me.}
{104}{}{Hmm. I'll check it out.}
{106}{}{Oh, geez, I hope you can do it. He's in her room. Help her!}
{107}{}{You are an incredibly cold person. She could die without your help.}
{108}{}{Tough. That's life.}
{109}{}{All right, don't harp on me. I'll look into it.}
{110}{}{Help Sinthia. She's in trouble.}
{111}{}{Thank you for helping Sinthia. She's usually not a problem. You deserve a good night's sleep. On me. But don't ask for another freebie.}
{112}{}{Hnn. Thug.}
{114}{}{No problem. Room #1. Follow me.}
{115}{}{Enjoy your stay. Don't be a pain.}
{116}{}{You should have saved Sinthia. It's your fault she died. I hope you are happy with yourself.}
{117}{}{Yeah, whatever.}
{119}{}{Welcome to the Crash House. How can I help you, stranger?}
{120}{}{I'm looking for some water.}
{121}{}{I need a good night's sleep.}
{122}{}{I'm looking for some info.}
{124}{}{Yeah, we serve your kind, too. It'll be $25 for the night. A week will cost you $150.}
{127}{}{Ahkay. Weeeka.}
{128}{}{Yeah, you too. Have a good day.}
{129}{}{Okay, thanks. Your room is room #1. Follow me. Don't be shooting any guns in here, okay?}
{130}{}{Have a good stay.}
{131}{}{You need some money before I can rent you a room.}
{132}{}{Then you should try the Skum Pitt. I heard you can get a lot of water in your booze there.}
{133}{}{I don't know about that, but I will rent you a room. It's a good place to rest and heal up. $25 for a day, or a week is $150. Most people go for the weekly rate. You should, if you ask me.}
{134}{}{Okay. A week.}
{135}{}{Just one night.}
{136}{}{No, thanks.}
{137}{}{I'm just a hotel manager, bub. Don't ask too much of me.}
{138}{}{Here's $50, tell me what you know.}
{139}{}{I know you're $50 poorer. I don't do the gossip thing, okay? Come back if you want a room.}
{140}{}{What do you think I am? A fool? If you're gonna bribe me, have enough money.}
{141}{}{Welcome back, what can I do for you?}
{142}{}{I want to rent a room.}
{144}{}{You're already renting room #1 from me. Do you want me to show you where it is?}
{149}{}{And this is still your room. Have a good stay.}
{150}{}{You know the drill. One day is $25. One week is $150.}
{154}{}{Sure. It's $25 a day, or $150 for the entire week.}
{155}{}{Okay. A week.}
{156}{}{Just one night.}
{157}{}{No, thanks.}
{158}{}{Okay. Room #1 is yours. Have a nice stay.}
{159}{}{Yeah, what do you want?}
{160}{}{I want to rent a room.}
{162}{}{No. Go away.}
{163}{}{I don't like your face. I don't think I'll be renting you a room.}
{164}{}{I really need a place to stay.}
{165}{}{No. Have a good night.}
{166}{}{Okay. One night. $100.}
{167}{}{What! That's outrageous!}
{169}{}{Deal with it. Yes or no.}
{172}{}{Good. Here you go. Room #1. Have a nice night, check out time is 11 o' clock.}
{173}{}{You killed Killian, didn't you?}
{174}{}{Yep, sure did.}
{175}{}{Nah, wasn't me. Really it wasn't.}
{177}{}{Get out! You're too dumb to realize what you did, but my life is hell now!}
{178}{}{You son of a bitch. I can't believe you killed him. He was a good man, and now I get all sorts of hell . . . get out, and don't come back.}
{179}{}{Yeah, whatever you say, but that's not what I heard. You'd better behave around here, or I'll get out ol' Betsy and ram some buckshot up your ass.}
{180}{}{It's late. I hope you aren't wasting my time.}
{181}{}{Hey! That fridge is for customers only!}
{182}{}{No thanks.}
{183}{}{Marcelles charges in to confront the raider!}
{184}{}{Uh, nothing. Never mind.}