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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

# Miscellaneous game engine messages.
# Defined in game.h
{0}{}{Are you sure you want to quit?}
{1}{}{Demo version}
{2}{}{Default character will be used.}
{3}{}{Saved screenshot.}
{4}{}{Quick load game successfully loaded.}
{5}{}{Quick save game successfully saved.}
{6}{}{Demo time limit exceeded.}
{7}{}{Pipboy not available in combat!}
{8}{}{Error saving screenshot.}
{10}{}{NEW GAME}
{11}{}{LOAD GAME}
{14}{}{Copyright(c) 1997 Interplay Productions. All rights reserved.}
{15}{}{Action Points}
{16}{}{Hit Points}
{17}{}{The motion sensor option is not installed.}
{18}{}{The motion sensor has no charges remaining.}
# Game config text. Defined in gconfig.c
{100}{}{Error saving game config file!}
{101}{}{Game settings not saved.}
# Some radiation messages used in critter.c
{1000}{}{You feel very nauseous.}
{1001}{}{You feel very nauseous, and after some mild vomiting, slightly fatigued.}
{1002}{}{You are very fatigued, the vomiting does not stop, and your recovery time is impaired.}
{1003}{}{You are hemorrhaging violently. You are very sick, and your hair is falling out.}
{1004}{}{You are hemorrhaging violently and continuously. The vomitus is stained red from your blood. Your skin is falling off of your bones.}
{1005}{}{There is bleeding from your intestines and you have severe diarrhea. You feel bloated and are in intense agony.}
{1006}{}{You have died from radiation sickness.}
{1007}{}{You have received a large dose of radiation.}
{1008}{}{The geiger counter is clicking.}
{1009}{}{The geiger counter is clicking wildly.}
# Message used in actions.c
{2000}{}{You cannot get there.}
{2001}{}{The lock is jammed.}
# poison messages from critter.c
{3000}{}{You have been poisoned!}
{3001}{}{You take damage from poison.}
# from queue.c
{4000}{}{Due to your inept handling, the explosive detonates prematurely.}
# from combatai.c
{5001}{}{is out of ammo for the}
{5002}{}{reloads the}
# from gdialog.c - new tell me about stuff
{6000}{}{Ask about what?}