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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{The robot is non-functional. The layer of dust on it suggests that it hasn't been active recently.}
{101}{}{The robot has been repaired, but it is still not functioning.}
{102}{}{The hardware is not a problem, it must be the software.}
{103}{}{You cannot access the robot's functions, as it is disabled.}
{104}{}{You tinker with the malfunctioning components, but need more time to make the fix.}
{105}{}{You reboot the onboard computer, and successfully restart the robot. You notice that the robot's radio is broken.}
{106}{}{You spend some time working on the robot's computer, but cannot get it restarted.}
{107}{}{Unit #462 online. Self-test. Adjusting unit location data. Fixed. Rebuilding memory file. Fixed. Error - task incomplete.}
{109}{}{What is your incomplete task?}
{110}{}{Well, just do it and get out of my way!}
{111}{}{[Click] Okey-dokey! Restarting task.}
{112}{}{Unit #462 is a cleaning model. Must finish cleaning and maintenance of this level.}
{113}{}{Go to it!}
{114}{}{What do you have left to clean?}
{115}{}{Vat Control Room. [Click] End of list.}
{116}{}{Heh. Finish your task.}
{117}{}{You gain 1000 experience points for doing a little clean-up work.}