Magnus Westbrooke's Holotape

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Magnus Westbrooke's Holotape
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Magnus Westbrooke's Holotape is a voice holotape in Fallout 76.

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Transcript[edit | edit source]


Magnus Westbrooke: When DuBois dropped me off at Bolton Greens, I was horrified. Fourth in line for the Westbrooke fortune, and Momsy and Pa-pa had the nerve to leave me at a glorified daycare center while they travel the world? Ridiculous. To make matters worse, I'm forced to hobnob with the other children, some of whom are mere... millionaires. Ugh, the thought makes my skin crawl. The only saving grace of this prison is that they employ a sommelier in the dining room. Well, it's time to go fox hunting again. Oh drat, I appear to have scuffed my ostrich jodhpur boots. I suppose I'll have to use the... ugh, calfskin ones instead.

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