Malden Center terminals

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This page presents the content of the terminals within Malden Center as is in game.

Food Storage Terminal[edit | edit source]

Note: This desk terminal is located on the metal end table in the average locked closed room on the northern side of the western platform.


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink

Inventory update[edit | edit source]


Looks like we're pretty well stocked on canned food for right now. The last raid on a caravan seems to have paid off. Water supply is good, a few rads ain't gonna hurt anyone. As usual, we're running low on liquor and beer. I convinced everyone to hold off on the partying so we can keep all the clear liquor for "medical purposes" next time someone gets shot or needs a limb taken off. Brown liquors are still fair game, so no one seemed to complain.

I've gotta say, we've made a good little life for ourselves down here. It beats getting scorched to death back by those nut jobs in Saugus, that's for damn sure. So long as no one pisses off our mean, green neighbors up in West Everett, I think we could make a go of it down here.

GUS! READ THIS![edit | edit source]


Motherfucker, I will NOT tell you again! I come down here and find us low on Dog Food, I will put a bullet in that empty skull of yours! I know you're the one eating it, you fucking moron. No one else eats that shit as long as we got other food. I should have left you to rot when I found you, Gus, don't you ever foget that.