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Mama Dolce's (Fallout 3)

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Mama Dolce's
Fo3 Mama Dolce.png
Icon factory.png
Mama Dolce's map.jpg
Map MarkerMama Dolce's
Part ofArlington Cemetery
FactionsChinese remnant
metro exitsFalls Church station
Arlington/Wasteland Metro
Other ExitsArlington Utility
Cell NameMamaDolces01 (processed foods)
MamaDolces02 (food distribution)
ref id0001a270 (processed foods)
0001a274 (food distrib.)
TerminalsDesk terminal
Turret Control System

An All-American Business

Mama Dolce's (short for Mama Dolce's Food Processing Plant) is a factory ruin in Arlington, Virginia. To reach this locale from the Capital Wasteland one must travel around the encompassing city rubble, through the remains of the DC Metro system. Either travel directly through Arlington station on the White Line – and cross Arlington Cemetery eastward, or indirectly through Falls Church station on the Blue Line – itself only accessible from Falls Church. Although this path ends directly opposite the factory, across the street.


Mama Dolce's was once an expanding packaged food processing plant in the Arlington area. Billed as "An All-American Business", it's frozen dinner Sweet-and-Sour Stroganoff was showing strong growth with the youth demographic. Despite its popularity the rising cost of domestic shipping incentivised them to cover their loss by any means necessary. They chose to increase their quotient of by-product use from regional affiliates in lumber milling industries. While seeking alternative revenue streams where possible.[1] Using wood as a filler in their products wasn't the only way they were cutting costs of their food however. For they used yellow21-b ink for both their packaging and flavor.[2]

All this and the factory held an even greater secret. They were a front for the People's Liberation Army. Installing themselves in the Arlington area and garrisoned by a small Special Operations force, they would carry out significant intelligence, counter-intelligence, and sabotage operations throughout the region. Their headquarters for the region was in fact mobile, they relayed their military grade encrypted communications through broadcast tower KT8.[3] Or more specifically the equipment in the bunker built in the drainage chamber beneath it.[4][5]

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Mama Dolce's food processing plant is divided into three parts: Between the entry-side processed food, and food distribution, lies the loading yard, this location is also filled with Chinese remnant soldiers.


Mama Dolce's Processed Food

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Mama Dolce's Food Distribution

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Mama Dolce's Loading Yard

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Notable loot


  • At least 11 boxes of Sugar Bombs can be found throughout the facility, mostly (if not all) in the food distribution area.
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum is on the upper level in the food distribution area. It's on a desk next to a terminal which is near a pre-War book.
  • Many Chinese assault rifles can be looted from the Chinese remnants, along with otherwise hard-to-find dirty Chinese jumpsuits.
  • A Chinese officer's sword in varying condition can be looted off the Chinese remnant Captain
  • A few Stealth Boys can be found in the building. The first is located in the upper levels of the food distribution area under the desk which holds the Chinese Commander's computer. The second is on the ground floor of the processed foods area through a set of double-doors (in the north near the Arlington Cemetery exit) located on a table to the right as you enter the room. There is a Stealth Boy beside the Turret Control terminal when you first walk in to the food distribution area from the Arlington Cemetery South area. Another may be found inside the hard-locked safe down in the cavernous space beneath the food Distribution area. (The Average-locked safe beside it may also contain one).
  • A sniper rifle and .308 ammunition are found on the eastern loading yard balcony, and on a couple of Chinese remnants.
  • A Rake can be found near a door leading to the western loading yard balcony.


  • Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor is outside just north of the entrance behind some barrels, next to a dead wastelander, in an overturned storage container.
  • Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual is next to one of the snipers in the loading yard area.
  • Two Guns and Bullets, one is next to the other sniper on the opposite side of the loading yard and one is in a bathroom stall on the ground floor in the processed foods area.
  • Dean's Electronics is on a shelf in the middle of a stairway in the processed food area; it's next to a phone, a toolbox and a broken computer.
  • Tumbler's Today is in the food distribution area. Drop down through a hole(s) in the floor to the lower "cave" area to find the book next to two safes and a skeleton.
  • Two pre-War books can be found - one is in the food distribution area, on an upper level next to a terminal. The second book can be found on/under a small table in the upper level in the southeast portion of the processed foods area.


  • In the loading yard there is a gate that requires a key to open, but there is no corresponding key in the Mama Dolce's location, because it doesn't lead to anywhere. The other side of the gate was not intended to be accessed, and the alley is unfinished beyond line of sight which leads into a wasteland abyss of nothing. It is possible to get over the fence by using hollow barrels and moving them to the fence, stacking them and simply jumping over the fence. The letters seen on the wall through the fence start at the 'E' in "ERIES". Because of the nature of Mama Dolce's, the writing on the wall probably is "Deliveries", or "Groceries".
  • There is a switch in Mama Dolce's processed foods which can be activated, but does nothing. When entering from Arlington, it is in a room to the right, through the large elevated utility door.
  • In Mama Dolce's food distribution, in the cavernous section where the copy of Tumblers Today is located, standing on one of the safes lets you access a "sewer grate" which can be opened and closed. However, opening or closing it does nothing.
  • Fast travel is available from Mama Dolce's loading yard.
  • On the encrypted computer it can be noted that the food colorant is the same as the printer ink.
  • The interior of the building (including the loading yard) is much larger than the entire building as viewed from the outside, which contains no area for the loading yard to have been, and is rectangular rather than square (as the building is when viewed through the loading yard).
  • Mama Dolce's loading yard is not in the same area on the world map as the Mama Dolce's building. This explains why the "People's Republic of America Radio" station can not be heard here.
  • When placing a map marker in the loading yard, the location that it's at has no evidence of the loading yard being there. This might be similar to Mothership Zeta where the ship is above the Fallout map. (Needs Verification)
  • You can find out what the Chinese ghouls are saying when they shout in Chinese by turning on the subtitles. (Noted quotes: "DIE AMERICAN", "Victory at last", [When killed] "Not by you...").
  • In food distribution there are two Very-Hard locked doors (they require 100 lockpick to open) that open onto blank walls. These can be accessed by jumping from the top catwalk onto the middle catwalk in the largest room of the food distribution area.
  • This place is ideal for the unmarked quest Economics of Violence given by Pronto in Paradise Falls. There are, at the least, twenty Chinese assault rifles inside.
  • While in the loading yard, if you have a quest marker active (for example: The Citadel), it will show you a highlighted route, only Mama Dolce's Loading Yard shows up as located West Northwest of Falls Church Metro.


Mama Dolce's appears only in Fallout 3.


  • PCIcon pc.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Outside the front entrance to Mama Dolce's, there is a (supposedly) dead wastelander next to a book. Although he appears dead, every several seconds he blinks. This is most likely caused by a texture glitch.
  • Next to the truck on the road with the dead wastelander inside, there is a Salisbury Steak which cannot be picked up or grabbed.
  • There are radioactive barrels around this wastelander along with green "radioactive" dust, but there is no radiation.
  • When the world map is brought up in the loading yard, it shows the player's position to be outside of D.C. entirely, and west of Falls Church Metro.
  • When Fawkes is your follower you can hear a constant Gatling laser sound in certain rooms.
  • Fawkes will run away from the locked gate in the Loading Yard.