Mama Dolce's Food Processing terminals

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This page lists Mama Dolce's Food Processing terminals. For the intelligence base terminals, see Fujiniya Intelligence Base terminals.

Waste Disposal System Terminal[edit | edit source]

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Welcome text

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Mama Dolce's Food Processing Plant
An All-American Business

Food Waste Disposal System Diagnostics
Current System Capacity: 18%
Disposal Rate: 0.04 tpm

Emissions Analysis:
CH4 - .048 tons
CO2 - .101 tons

Enter System Command: UNAVAILABLE[edit | edit source]


ERROR. System command entry unavailable.

Waste disposal system adjustments require system password.

Enter System Command: 4Party651[edit | edit source]


... password accepted ...

New Employee Orientation[edit | edit source]


Greetings, new employee!

We would like to welcome you as the newest family member of the greatest food processing plant in America. Follow these simple rules carefully and we are sure to become productive and prosperous members of this great American society together.

1) Here at Mama Dolce's, we like to say that we are an All-American Business. This means that we uphold the values and traditions of this great American society at all costs. The generous civilians of the American city of Morgantown have greeted the Mama Dolce's family with open arms, and we repay them by succeeding in our mission - to produce high-quality processed food products at low prices.

2) Productivity is the key to success and individual wealth. In this American capitalist society, we work long hours for no overtime pay in order to bring prosperity to our great company. Remember - success for Mama Dolce's means great personal wealth for you and your family!

3) As with all other American businesses, we have a very strict hierarchical organization. You are strongly encouraged to stick to your work stations and not question the leadership decisions of your superiors. Your superiors have only your best interests in mind, so interfering with their decision-making processes will only make them question your loyalty.

4) Most importantly, DO NOT attempt to inspect or repair equipment on the exterior of the facility. Only qualified repair technicians are permitted to inspect the exterior equipment in order to minimize legal liability. Violation of this rule is grounds for immediate termination.

Thank you for your attention and understanding.

- Plant Manager John Smith

Quarterly Focus Test Results[edit | edit source]


Product Focus Testing Results for Q3 2077=============================

Product: The All-New Sweet-and-Sour Stroganoff. Same great Stroganoff product with 100% more sweet flavor.

Results: Sample group found flavor and consistency of product to be lacking. Many felt ill within 24 hours after consuming product. 78% of testers questioned the need for more sweetness in our product.

Recommendation: High-level concept needs more analysis to determine if consumer acceptance will be insurmountable barrier.

Human Resources Memo[edit | edit source]


Human Resources Memo
HR Manager Mary Baker

Mama Dolce's Full-Time Employees:

Please join plant manager John Smith and I in welcoming our most recent group of new hires to the Mama Dolce's family. They will all be joining the team at the food processing plant in Morgantown. Please give them a big Appalachian welcome when you see them around!

Lincoln Jones - Manufacturing Hygiene Technician
Jack White - Senior Maintenance Technician
John Johnson - Full-Time Security Officer
Will Harris - Processing Machine Operator (Night Shift)